The American bison, additionally commonly called the American buffalo, is a bison types that is aboriginal to the north America grasslands. They when roamed in these grasslands in substantial herds and also became almost extinct by a mix of advertisement hunting and also slaughter in the 19th century and arrival of bovine diseases from residential cattle. However, this types has make a current resurgence, i m sorry is largely limited to a small number of national parks and also reserves.

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How lot does a live bison cost?

The price of a live bison, together with any kind of livestock, will count on the geographical location, the market conditions, class and also its weight. Through these factors, we can administer an estimate, which us outlined in ours table below:

ClassTotal median Price PaidAverage Price Per lb (Live)
Heifer Calf (heavy cut)$2,250$5
Heifer Calf (light cut)$2,220$5.50
Bull Calf (heavy cut)$2,000$5
Bull Calf (light cut)$2,250$5.30
Yearling Heifer$2,150$3.75
Yearling Bull$2,500$3.95
Mature Cow (bred)$3,500$2.75
Mature Cow (open)$2,500$2.50
2 Year Bull$3,700$3.50
2 Year Bull (breeding)$3,200$2.90

NOTE:  These were average based upon auction averages in 2017. Remember, this averages can significantly vary indigenous the components mentioned above.

The nationwide Bison combination keeps monitor of live auctions by following the animal auction results on this page.

According come the national Bison Range, based in Montana, its excess bison marketed for $1,750 on because that yearling males and also $2,000 for two-year-old males in 2017, follow to this PDF.

The fast City Journal, also though the write-up is a few years old, listed the price of a previous auction, with prices fairly close to our averages in the table above. The averages for a yearling heifer that year was $2,117, whereas a bull calf average $1,919. One bull, in particular, offered for $12,000, according to the newspaper.

What space the extra costs?

Bison, uneven cows, require much less hands-on management due to the fact that they have survived without male for centuries. Bisons, in ~ a minimum, will call for grass come graze, available clean water, a secure fence, herd companionship, a handling facility and preventative health program. Ranchers recommend around 10 acres of grass for every one cow-calf pair, and the fencing set up, at a minimum, need to be at the very least six feet high. As for vet costs, bison will should be vaccinated and also dewormed annually.

The common day rates, follow to, is $0.60 come $1.30 every day because that younger bison and $1.20 to $2 because that a tires bull. Come budget, when factoring in these costs, it’s finest to budget close come $2 per day, and also this should cover her vet care, feed and also other connected tasks.

To obtain started, bison require companionship, i m sorry often means purchasing five to 15 bison at once. This might equate come as lot as $10,000 come $20,000+ for the pets alone.

Susceptible come the many diseases cattle are at risk to, ranchers, in ~ a minimum, will always vaccine and will produce a regimen deworming program.

Tips to know

Federal regulations call for all meat to it is in growth-hormone and antibiotic free.

A three-ounce business of bison has 93 calories, 1.8 grams of fat and 43 milligrams of cholesterol.

According to pen State University, raising bison, when compared to cattle, is similar; however, bison room larger, more powerful and more excitable, which way they will call for stronger fencing and also handling facilities.

Always inspect your state legislations in regards come liability and also trespassing together it will draw the fist of the public. In many states, bison being increased for agricultural purposes will autumn under the same group as cattle, however when slaughtered, that may fall under the very same regulations together exotic animals.

Mature cows, ~ above average, deserve to weigh 1,000 come 1,500 pounds, reaching physical maturity in ~ eight to 10 years. With great management, they have the right to live as lengthy as 30 years.

Some civilization often wonder what bison tastes like. In comparison come beef, it’s recognized to taste slightly sweeter and much more tender.

The bison versus the buffalo

In comparison come the buffalo, the bison and the buffalo are the two names us have become accustomed come in the united States, follow to There are two subspecies of bison in north America: the levels Bison, which mainly resides in the unified States and also Canada, and the timber Bison, which have the right to primarily be discovered in Canada. These 2 look various from every other, yet the bison, in the end, isn’t a true buffalo in scientific terms. The just “true” buffalo in the world include the african Cape and also Asian Water buffalo. In the end, ranchers describe their meat together “bison” come make certain the customer to know they space receiving bison, not a water buffalo. The American bison lives only in north America, while the two key buffalo species, together mentioned, live in Africa and also Asia.

Bison can forage because that its food in the winter by “ploughing” your heads with the eye to accessibility the grass beneath it. However, if there is no grass available, they have the right to starve, but to protect against this, ranchers will regularly offer was standing hay to throughout the chillier months together it holds similar nutritional values.

How have the right to I save money?

Some auctions or farmers often sell bull calves in groups, which have the right to decrease the prices if you want to purchase much more than one at once.

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