Hamsters, considered a nocturnal member that the rodent family, can come in a range of breeds. A hamster will certainly be identified by its markings, size and color.

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How much do hamsters cost?

On average, a hamster can price $6 come as much as $30. This is going to depend on the breed you desire to purchase, color, size and the save you purchase it from. Because that example, a white Syrian hamster can expense $6 come $11. These space usually eight main old and also have a white and also cream colored fur coat.

Russian Dwarf Hamsters have a lifespan of 3 years and also are very energetic. These species of hamsters are ideal for youngsters over the age of 10 and also can cost $15 to $25.

A fancy Russian Dwarf Hamsters are nearly the exact same as the Russian Dwarf Hamsters, except they have actually black and white fur; this hamster can cost $16 come $25 at local pet stores.

Winter White Hamsters have actually black and gray fur and also are seasonally available. This hamsters are an extremely active and also retail for $16 come $25.

Robo Dwarf Hamsters have a longer lifespan together they deserve to live up to 4 years. They have a mustard and white fur and also can expense $16 come $24.

An adult Syrian hamster, generally referred to as a teddy be affected by each other hamster, can price $6 to $20 each.

If you’re brand-new to owning a hamster, it’s safe to say, once you variable in the extra prices below, you deserve to spend anywhere from $150 to $225. This will certainly all count on the number of supplies and the kind you purchase. PetMD.com proposal a budget plan up come $200.

Types of hamsters


This hamster have the right to measure increase to five inches and also will generally be gray in shade with a white belly. Living well together with other hamsters, that is lifespan tends to be shorter than most hamsters at 2 years maximum. Because of their tiny size, some owners uncover them tough to maintain and also handle.


Striped, gray or v tails that similar to a rat, the Chinese hamster is about four customs long and will it is in darker in color, normally gray. This hamsters will have longer tails when compared to other breeds and are happy living alone. One perk with this kind is that it often tends to have a tenderness demeanor.


The dwarf hamster maxes the end at 4 inches in length and also is among the smallest hamsters you have the right to purchase. On the market, friend will generally find five types: the Campbell’s Chinese Dwarf, Roborovski, Russian and Winter White. Living close to 4 years, it’s recognized to be fast and also can come in a few variations. Unlike most hamsters, the dwarf is comfortable living solo.


The Roborovski, additionally known as a desert or robo, room the the smallest breed, measuring just two centimeters once born. Well-known for your white spots, i m sorry look similar to eyebrows, the Roborovski is renowned for that running, specifically at night, once it’s known to run 3 to four human marathons.


The Syrian hamster can often be described as a teddy bear or golden hamster. This details breed will have larger cheeks, tiny eyes and also stubby tails. Typical colors will be black, chocolate, silver and a light gray.

Winter White

The Winter White, occasionally referred to together the Siberian, is a dwarf hamster the grows increase to five inches in length. This hamster has a dark strip running along its earlier and is commonly gray in color, but in the winter, this color transforms to a white coat.

What room the extra costs?

Hamster food can expense anywhere from $5 come $11 every two-pound bag, relying on the brand and also type. A two-pound bag should have the ability to last around six weeks. Friend can likewise supplement their diet v seeds, carrots and some grains. Plan on spending around $10 come $15 every month.

Specialized hamster cages can incorporate obstacles also run-about wheel or balls, which are supplied to aid the hamster run endlessly. An open-air cage do of plastic, steel or wire will certainly suit the best. These species of cages have the right to retail because that $25 come $150.

While optional, hamsters don’t mind play with additional toys. These smaller sized toys can expense a few dollars, depending on what kind of toy friend purchase. Added accessories, such together a smaller sized chew toy, can cost upwards of $10. These types of toys space recommended to aid the hamster maintain good dental health.

Cages will additionally require hamster shavings to be supplied as that is bedding. A new bag of shavings will have to be to buy every month and also should cost around $5 come $15 every bag.

If any kind of health troubles persist under the road, a vet visit may be required. Checkups deserve to start at $40 and also go increase from there.

A carrier to tote that from one place to one more can expense $10 to $15.

Vitamin supplements, while optional, can cost around $5.

Tips come know:

Hamsters don’t really have a long lifespan. In fact, many hamsters just live increase to three years, no matter exactly how much care they receive. Together they flourish older, the hamsters can become territorial, and also because the this, it’s best not come introduce new hamsters.

Aside indigenous the hamster food the comes out of the bag, that doesn’t hurt come mix things up a bit. Think about feeding your hamster a law such together carrots and oatmeal.

If a hamster proceeds to bite, don’t bite back. Instead, try to play around with it for a few hours a week. By act this, you deserve to train the hamster no to bite back.

Cleaning a cage should be done with water and vinegar. This organic clean mix will certainly clean the cage and also be harmless to the hamster’s health.

Where space hamsters from? one of the most famous hamsters — the Syrian — was uncovered in 1797 in the center East. During an expedition in 1930, zoologist, Sheikh El-Beled, uncovered a golden hamster in addition to 11 babies living in a wheat field. He lugged all 12 back to the Hebrew college in Jerusalem and also from there, they easily multiplied.

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There are 20 varieties of hamsters, all concerned mice, voles and also lemmings and only 5 are maintained as pets. Every hamsters are active at night and also have damaging eyesight; however, their sense of smell, touch and whiskers help them navigate throughout the day.