It watch like any kind of enclosed cargo trailer – the sort that’s tiny and light enough for UTVs come tow in the trail. Except, the TetraPOD is a bathtub trailer that have the right to transform right into a functional boat, allowing you to ride to her favorite fishing point out without having actually to carry an extra watercraft along.

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No, it’s not the type of boat you can use in huge lakes, much less in the ocean. For little lakes, creeks, and other smaller sized waterways, though, this thing will carry out the stable and predictable platform you should enjoy fishing, exploring, and other entertain water activities.

The TetraPOD is one enclosed bathtub trailer that measures 69 x 52 x 66 customs (length x broad x height) through a total capacity that 27 cubic feet, so you can load a an excellent amount the cargo inside. A removable lid ensures any type of cargo remains inside the bath tub while you on the move, when a lid elevation of 22 inches gives your cargo almost two feet of extr headroom from the top of the tub, so girlfriend can lug taller objects without any issues. Why not simply make the lid flat to boost the total tub volume? That’s due to the fact that the tub and the lid space designed come be similar in size, so they have the right to be connected to each various other to produce a two-person boat.

In watercraft mode, the rig transforms into a how amazing good-looking jon watercraft in simply minutes of assembly, through two removable foam-filled seats to provide you a comfortable place in the water and also a payload capacity of 650 pounds. That’s enough to let it lug the weight of two people, a bunch the fishing gear, and a cooler full of whatever fish you capture all transparent the day. No engine is included, but the outfit proposal pairing it through a 7-hp short leg engine for conveniently making your way around the water. And, yes, the boat is fully certified together a small vessel that can do, pretty much, anything similar flat-bottomed hull watercrafts can do.

The TetraPOD has actually a powder-coated frame and also a HDPE body, ensuring it’s strong enough come withstand everything the roadway or the backcountry has to offer, all while being weatherproofed to resist the onslaught that the elements. It has actually a locking lid v gas springs that even a be affected by each other won’t be able to pry open, ensuring any food you save inside is secure. 2 variants room available: on-road and also off-road, with the previous coming through a 2200-pound Dexter Torsion axle, two wheels, and 15 feet of floor clearance, when the latter sports 1500-pound axles, 4 wheels, and also 14 feet of floor clearance.

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Two accessories are right now available: the POD rack and a hunting blind. The previous installs on top of the lid, giving you second rack for strapping down gear onto, when the latter transforms it into a functional searching blind that you deserve to use come scope the end the neighboring scene in a quiet manner.