how much go a weapons Engineer make?

The median Weapons engineer in the US renders $66,804. The typical bonus because that a tools Engineer is $2,906 which represents 4% of your salary, v 100% of world reporting the they receive a bonus each year. Weapons designers make the many in mountain Francisco at $99,426, averaging full compensation 49% better than the united state average.

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Salary arrays for tools Engineers

The earnings of Weapons designers in the US selection from $12,172 to $323,759, through a average salary of $59,216. The middle 57% of Weapons engineers makes in between $59,217 and also $147,097, with the top 86% making $323,759.

How much tax will certainly you need to pay as a tools Engineer

because that an separation, personal, instance filer in this taxation bracket, you would have an estimated average federal taxation in 2018 the 22%. After ~ a federal tax price of 22% has actually been bring away out, tools Engineers could expect to have actually a take-home salary of $56,167/year, through each paycheck equaling roughly $2,340*.

* assuming bi-monthly salary period. Taxes approximated using tax prices for a single filer making use of 2018 federal and state tax tables. Metro-specific taxes space not taken into consideration in calculations. This data is plan to it is in an estimate, not prescriptive financial or taxation advice.

Quality the Life for weapons Engineer

through a take-home salary of around $4,681/month, and also the average 2BR apartment rental price the $2,506/mo**, a weapons Engineer would pay 53.54% of your monthly take-home salary in the direction of rent.

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** This rental expense was obtained according come an virtual report in ~ Apartment List*** Average cost of life was gained from Numbeo"s price of life Index

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