so, i just bought one 05 yz250. That is sitting beside my 07 yz250f until someone pertains to buy it. I dug out 2 restroom scales and also decided to sweet them. They room both stock no include ons. Come me, the 2t FEELS lot lighter dragging it turn off the stand and also such. Well, ns filled both gas tanks and put castle on the scale. 2t weighs about 231, 4t weighs 235! this is ready to ride, full tank of gas. The 2t felt much lighter climate 4 pounds, but what perform i know? it also feels lighter riding, but i suppose that is the extra horsepower..the funny thing is the 250f has 5 pounds of screws in the tires for ice cream riding, soooo, they weigh the exact same according to my test. Now, my scales might be off, and also using one on every side that the stand provides it no the most accurate also, however those weights it seems to be ~ close to manufacturing specs. I think the 2t motor need to be a tank and also the 4t motor is on a diet