Square envelopes are mainly used because that advertising, Greeting cards, and also invitations. Square Envelopes have actually their distinct shape, look at modern, and much more durable than various other envelopes.

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How much does it cost to letter a square envelope Postage?

Square Envelope, Oversized, or unusually shame envelope will expense you an extra $0.20 every letter. For a 1oz traditional Envelope or rectangular Envelope, usually it calls for a $0.55 stamp. Letters which are Squared form considered as Odd Sized, which results in higher prices for Postages.

Above space the typical USPS postage rates. You have the right to see an ext updated prices on their official site as well. So addition of Extra 20 cents, Square envelope full cost will certainly be ( $0.20 + $0.55 = $0.75 ) even if they weigh less than 1 oz or equal to 1oz.

For 2oz Square Envelope letter its will be ($0.75 + $0.20 = $0.95).For 3oz Square Envelope letter its will certainly be ($0.95 + $0.20 = $1.15).

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Why Square Envelope Postage prices some extra Cents?

According come USPS, rectangle-shaped Envelopes are processed in a quick period. Since an envelope deserve to be got by one of its longer sides, the an equipment can conveniently locate its upper and also Lower end Corner.

It’s basic for a maker to check out the address and route the person’s envelope easily. On the various other hand, Square envelopes perform not have a lengthy side to land top top the maker automatically. The machine will require some extra measures to readjust the envelope and also read it easily. But it’s easy for a device to remove a square envelope native the sorter.

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Human involvement is essential to placed the resolve into the device manually so the it may be routed to the correct post office. So that’s why there is a $.20 surcharge as result of the non-machinable envelope because that the an initial Oz.

Characteristics of Non-Machinable or Odd sized Letters

Square form envelops rigid Envelopes Lumpy kind Envelopes Envelopes wall surface thickness much more than 1/4″ Vertical kind envelopes Envelops that have strings and clasps

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Square Envelope Sizes


Envelope TypeSize in InchesSize in Millimeter
5 Square5 x 5127 x 127
5 1/2 Square5.5 x 5.5140 x 140
6 Square6 x 6152 x 152
6 1/2 Square6.5 x 6.5165 x 165
7 Square7 x 7178 x 178
7 1/2 Square7.5 x 7.5190 x 190