Television hold Mike Rowe has actually done plenty of unique thingsduring his life, however he’s best known because that his insignificant hosting the longtime exploration Channelseries Dirty Jobs. The renowned reality display took viewers on a tour ofsome the the many dangerous, disgusting, and also underappreciated work-related being excellent inAmerica. Rowe was on hand to to mark these important workers and telltheir stories.

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The series was canceled in 2012, yet a reboot just premiered in 2020. And even though Dirty Jobs is done for now, the 58-year-old host isn’t specifically sitting approximately being bored.

Here’s what Rowe has been as much as lately and also how lot money that amassed end his career.

Mike Rowe learned how to use his voice


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It may surprise fans to find out that Rowe is a trained opera singer v a true talent for utilizing his voice — literally. He to be born in Baltimore, Maryland to two teacher parents and has stated he committed his work on Dirty Jobs come his father and also grandfather. The organize is additionally a proud Eagle Scout with the young Scouts that America.

Rowe started his expert career together a display host forprograms including On-Air TV for American Airlines, No Relationfor FX, New York Expeditions because that PBS, and also Your brand-new Home forWJZ-TV in Baltimore because that 15 years. He likewise spent time as a hold on the homeshopping network QVC, AffairPost reported.

His vocal talents led to plenty of narration jobs as well, from exploration Channel’s Shark Week to other specials such together How the world Works, and also Syfy channel’s Ghost Hunters. He was offered the hosting task on the hit collection Deadliest Catch but decided to narrate ~ above the routine instead.

He do millions with ‘Dirty Jobs’ and other similar work

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All of his smaller roles gained Rowe notoriety in the market for his interaction skills. His hosting job on the segment “Somebody’s Gotta do It” top top KPIX-TV in san Diego at some point led to Rowe coming to be the challenge of Dirty Jobs, his most financially rewarding decision to date. reports the Rowe has actually amassed a network worth of $30 million. Also though Dirty Jobs obtained canceled in 2012, it to be picked increase under the name Someone’s Gotta carry out It on CNN in 2014. The brand-new show lasted three seasons prior to moving come TBN in 2018.

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Mike Rowe believes in the strength of tough work

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Fridays through Freddy

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Since the finish of his well-known series, Rowe has actually been associated in multiple various other projects, consisting of television commercial work. He is an outspoken support for trade and vocational-technical schools. His website,, concentrates on getting world interested in pursuing profession jobs.

Rowe right now resides in san Francisco. The keeps his lovelife private and also has never ever married, though he was romantically linked to actorDanielle Burgo. Oddly, there are multiple rumors around Rowe’s death, come whichhe quoted note Twain and also said: “Reports that my death are considerably exaggerated.”