You can easily buy and also install your very own pea gravel, a hardscaping material suited because that walkways, driveways, patios, landscape beds, playgrounds, and other landscape features. If you require a huge amount the pea gravel, suppose to pay about $25 come $53 per ton, because that an average of $39 per ton.

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For smaller sized projects, you would pay $25 come $67 every cubic garden or $46 every cubic yard on average. Tiny 0.5-cubic-foot bags of pea gravel room a little much more accessible than bigger quantities, and you deserve to buy them from hardware stores and big-box residence centers choose Lowe’s and Home Depot for around $4 come $7 per bag.

If you arrangement to download your very own pea gravel (as many homeowners do), you would certainly pay around $310 total because that the gravel necessary to covering 200 square feet, the usual size that a residential project. For professional installation, you’ll have to add another $14 to $69 per hour of work.

How much does pea gravel cost?

Typical price range per 0.5-cubic-foot bag: $4 – $7Typical price range per ton: $25 – $53Typical price range per cubic yard: $25 – $67National average cost for 200 square feet of coverage: $310Added cost of expert installation: $14 – $69 every hour

Pea gravel is actually cheaper come buy in bulk. You would pay about $25 to $53 for a ton of level gray pea gravel — although you may have a difficult time transporting that much.

For most residential projects, girlfriend are much more apt to buy pea gravel in cubic yards, which costs about $25 to $67 per yard. For particularly small project, such as a solitary plant bed, you could only need a couple of small bags of pea gravel because that $4 come $7 apiece.

Most pea gravel driveway or patio jobs for one average-sized residence would require around 200 square feet of coverage. Overall, the pea gravel top top its own would cost around $310 on national typical for a DIY project of this size.

Even though pea gravel have to be easy sufficient for you to install, girlfriend may pick to rental a professional landscaper to do the job for $14 come $69 every hour.

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Cost Estimator by job Size

Calculate just how much pea gravel you must purchase based on the form of hardscaping/landscaping feature you want to download (driveway, patio, walkway, flower bed). Various projects will cover an ext or less ground and require assorted depths of pea gravel, and those dimensions will certainly determine just how much you spend on the gravel.

For example, a basic walkway won’t need to bear a the majority of weight, so you would need a layer of pea gravel only about 2 customs deep. ~ above the other hand, a driveway has to hold increase under the weight of one or an ext cars, and a patio typically supports furniture and maybe even a grill, so these projects require a thicker class of around 6 inches deep that pea gravel.

If you want to use pea gravel as mulch in a flower bed to smother weeds and aid plants’ roots retain moisture, you would need at least 3 customs of pea gravel. You likewise can usage pea gravel come cushion falls and also encourage far better drainage in a children’s play area, utilizing a class of around 4 inches.

We’ve calculation the approximate in its entirety cost the the most common pea gravel jobs using these recommended depths and the typical size that each job for a residential property.

Pea GravelProjectProject sizeCubic yards Pea gravel cost
WalkwayPea gravel 2 inches depth4 x 35 feet 1 $46
DrivewayPea gravel 6 inch depth24 x 20 feet 9 $414
PlaygroundPea gravel 4 inch depth25 x 15 feet 5 $230
PatioPea gravel 6 inch depth10 x 10 feet 2 $92
Landscape bedPea gravel 3 customs depth4 x 8 feet 0.5 $23

Here is the method we supplied to number out roughly how lot pea gravel each task would take and how much money girlfriend would spend on it. You deserve to follow the same an approach to calculate the complete cost that your task using your specific dimensions.

We understand that 1 cubic yard of pea gravel covers around 324 square feet at a depth the 1 inch. Divide that 324 through your wanted depth that gravel in customs to figure out how countless square feet you can cover through 1 cubic yard of pea gravel for your project.Example: 324 ÷ 6 inches = 54, so you would certainly cover one area that 54 square feet with 1 cubic yard of pea gravel if your job requires a 6-inch class of pea gravel.Measure the size of your pea gravel project in square feet and divide that number by the answer to the previous step to calculate how many cubic yards of pea gravel you need for the project.Example: 480 square feet ÷ 54 square feet = around 9 cubic yards of pea gravelMultiply the cubic yards needed (the answer come the critical step) through 46, due to the fact that the national average price of pea gravel is $46 every cubic yard.Example: 9 cubic yards × $46 = $414 total
Photo Credit: F. D. Richards / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Remember that the pea gravel it takes come cover 200 square feet would cost around $310 on average (though the number could readjust significantly based on the depth that gravel your project needs).

With the necessary tools and additional materials, you would certainly spend about $1,203 to download your very own pea gravel task of this size. The number seems high, but keep in mind that it consists of tools you deserve to use for other home innovation projects.

For expert installation, you would certainly still have to pay for every the same products (though no the equipment). You’ll have to pay because that labor, too, which varieties from $14 to $69 every hour. Assuming you salary the median rate of $42 every hour and the project takes 4 hrs to complete, the total cost of having the same size project professionally installed would be around $905.

If friend don’t already own the tools required for this project, you could actually save money by rental a skilled landscaper to install your pea gravel feature instead of doing that yourself.

Cost the Pea Gravel by Location

When shopping because that pea gravel, you’ll want to buy indigenous the closest resource possible. Transporting large amounts that pea gravel in between different cities can get really expensive because of distribution fees.

Different types of gravel could vary in price depending upon the an ar where you live, too. Some rock is much more common in details parts the the country and will price less in those locations than in places where it demands to be transport a long distance.

FAQ about Pea Gravel

1. What room the benefits of pea gravel?

Pea gravel is one affordable material that’s easier to install than most other hardscape options. It have the right to serve several different purposes in the landscape, indigenous mulch in flower beds to the surface of a driveway.

2. Will certainly pea gravel wash away?

Installing a border about your pea gravel have to keep the from washing away. If the area frequently floods by number of inches or more, the gravel might wash away end the top of the edging material. 

3. Exactly how do you save pea gravel clean?

You need to rake with your pea gravel frequently to eliminate twigs, leaves, litter, and also other debris that the facets might mix in end time. 


Pea gravel is a good option for walkways, patios, driveways, playgrounds, and also other residential see features. It’s easy to install and also much cheaper than most other hardscape materials. You can expect to salary $25 come $53 per ton, $25 to $67 per cubic yard, or $4 come $7 every bag for plain pea gravel.

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Colored or otherwise specialty pea gravel could cost an additional $20 come $50 per ton or cubic yard. Delivery fees or professional installation might also add to your in its entirety costs, however buying in mass could result in savings.