Melee diamonds are little diamonds the are used to include sparkle and shine to jewelry pieces. The tiny diamonds bordering the larger diamond in a halo setting are melee diamonds, for example.

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#1 Color

The value of a diamond have the right to depend partly on that color. The term “color” actually refers to the lack the color in the diamond world.

Colorless diamonds are the most valuable and sought after ~ gemstones, whereas diamonds with ideas of yellow or brown space the least valuable.


#2 Clarity

A melee diamond’s clarity can affect its value, too.

The clarity of a diamond is usually a measure up of that is flaws. perfect diamonds, which space those there is no inclusions or blemishes, are the rarest and also valuable.

Diamonds with visible inclusions or blemishes room the the very least valuable, due to the fact that these flaws can make the diamond appear cloudy and dull its sparkle.


#3 Cut

There are just two melee diamond cuts: solitary and full. A single cut melee diamond typically has 17 or 18 facets, conversely, a full cut diamond has actually 57 or 58 facets. Full reduced diamonds are reduced to look favor round brilliant diamonds, so they provide far an ext sparkle and shine than solitary cut diamonds. This intense sparkle makes a complete cut much more appealingand thus, an ext valuable—than a solitary cut melee diamond. In fact, most jewelers only use single cut melee diamonds ~ above watches since the is no as necessary on this pieces.


#4 Carat

The weight of a diamond has actually a huge affect on its value. Countless factors should be taken into consideration when calculating the worth of a diamond, yet in general, heavier diamonds are worth more because they are typically larger. Melee diamonds are small—between 0.001 and 0.2 carats—so they are not very valuable. The median price the a 0.50 carat diamond is $1,500, and also the biggest melee diamonds are less than fifty percent of this weight. The worth will proceed to drop together the diamond it s okay smaller and also smaller, so the smaller sized the melee diamond, the much less it is worth.


#5 Prioritize details Factors

Both color and also clarity play an essential role when assessing the value of a typical diamond, but these components are no as important when calculating the value of a melee diamond. This is because the color and clarity do not have a far-reaching impact top top the figure of a melee diamond due to its small size. It’s additionally hard come accurately evaluate the color and clarity that a diamond the this size.

For this reasons, the cut and carat can have a greater impact on a melee diamond’s value than its clarity and color.


#6 Understanding exactly how They space Sold

Melee diamonds are typically not priced every unit. Why? Wholesalers market melee diamonds to jewelers in parcels. Each parcel has hundreds of melee diamonds that are comparable in cut, color, size, and clarity. The wholesaler takes these components into consideration when determining exactly how much to charge for the entire parcel.

The jeweler is given one price because that the parcel fairly than prices because that each melee diamond included in the batch. Therefore, it’s not vital to price every individual diamond.

#7 think about Insurance

Melee diamonds are usually just sold to consumers as replacement diamonds. Because that example, a melee diamond can serve as a replacement for a little diamond that dropped out of your engagement ring setting.

Jewelry insurance may cover the expense of the instead of melee diamond in this type of situation. If not, the retailer that renders the repair will certainly charge a fee for the instead of diamond. These fees deserve to vary relying on the retailer, top quality of the instead of diamond, and also the time it takes to placed the replacement diamond in the setting.

#8 know Their Impact

Melee diamonds are tiny in size, yet they quiet play a big role in jewel design.

Choose the perfect diamond to match melee diamonds using’s loose Diamond find tool. Filter by carat, cut, color, clarity, or price to find the diamond of your dreams. Then, placed the finishing touch on your tradition creation by picking a setup with melee diamonds. No custom piece of jewelry is complete without the sparkle and shine of this small-sized stones!

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