Faberge eggs are amongst some the the many expensive pieces of art in the world, this day Vidello Productions is acquisition a look at 10 the the many expensive Faberge egg in the world.

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The Rosebud Faberge Egg


The Rosebud egg is a jewelled enamelled Easter egg do by Michael Perchin under the supervision the the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge in 1895, because that Nicholas II that Russia, who presented the egg come his wife.

The egg opens up like a boutonniere to expose a yellow-enamelled rosebud, in i m sorry the two surprises were originally contained. The surprises room missing, yet they to be a gold crown, with diamonds and also rubies, and cabochon ruby pendant.

In 2004 it was sold as component of the most expensive Forbes collection for over $100 million dollars but is believed to be worth roughly $4 Million as a solitary entity.

The Hen Faberge Egg


The first Hen Egg or Jewelled Hen Egg is a Tsar imperial Faberge egg, the very first in a series of fifty-four jewelled eggs made under the supervision of Peter Carl Fabergé for the Russian imperial family.

The make of the very first Imperial egg is attributed to Erik Kollin that Faberge’s workshop and the egg is do of gold, completely coated with opaque white enamel come look favor a genuine egg shell.

The two halves open to reveal a yellow yolk v a matte finish, include a varicoloured yellow hen through ruby eye which also revealed a diamond and gold crown which consisted of a ruby pendant.

Both surprises room now absent however the egg is still approximated to be precious a cool $6 Million Dollars

The bespeak of St George Faberge Egg


The stimulate of St. George egg is a jewelled enamelled Easter egg made under the supervision the the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in 1916 for Nicholas II the Russia, that presented the egg come his mother.

Made during civilization War i the stimulate of St. George egg commemorates the order of St. George and also its counterpart the Steel military egg were provided a modest design, in maintaining with the austerity of human being War I.

This egg was component of the collection sold to a Russian buyer for $100 Million dollars and is valued personally at what in the an ar of $7 Million Dollars.

The Winter Faberge Egg


We are obtaining into the an ext famous eggs now and the winter egg is no to be sniffed at. The egg left Russia ~ the Revolution, and ended up in the collection of Mr. Brian Ledbrooke, Esq.

It was first sold at auction in 1994 at Christie’s in Geneva for $5.6 million, the human being record at that time for a Faberge item offered at auction.

The egg sold for US$9.6 million in an auction at Christie’s in new York City in 2002.

It to be reported that the the person who lives was Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir that Qatar.

Fifteenth Anniversary Faberge Egg


This egg is make of gold, green and also white enamel, decorated through diamonds and also rock crystal. The surface ar is divided into eighteen panels collection with 16 miniatures.

The Faberge eggs architecture commemorates the fifteenth anniversary of the coronation that Nicholas II top top 26 may 1896 and was a gift because that the wife of Tsar Nicolas II.

Once again this egg was purchased by our well-off Russian collector and has a lone value of around, yet not confirmed, $12 Million Dollars.

Lillies that The sink Faberge Egg


Coming in at number 5 is the Lillie’s that The valley Egg which is just one of the two eggs in the art Nouveau style.

The Faberge egg is spanned in pearls and topped with increased pink enamel ~ above a guilloche field. The egg is supported by cabriolet foot of green-gold leaves with rose-cut diamond dewdrops.

The gold-stemmed lilies have environment-friendly enamelled leaves and flowers made of gold collection with rubies, pearls, and also diamonds.

It comes as no surprised that the owner the this egg is the billionaire Russian collector yet the egg alone is precious $13 Million Dollars

The Orange Tree Faberge Egg


Also well-known as the just Tree Egg, The Orange Tree Egg to be made in 1911 and is based upon an 18th-century French mechanically orange tree.

In 1917 the egg was confiscated by the Russian Provisional Government and also moved come the Kremlin where it was later on sold to Emanuel Snowman around 1927.

Turning a tiny lever disguised together a fruit, hidden amongst the leaves of the only tree, activates the hinged circular optimal of the tree and also a feathered songbird rises and also flaps its wings, turns its head, opens up its beak and also sings.

The egg now resides in Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia and has a total estimated solo worth of roughly $15 Million Dollars

The Coronation Faberge Egg


The egg is do from gold v translucent lime yellow enamel on a guilloché field of starbursts and is in recommendation to the cloth-of-gold robe worn through the Tsarina at she Coronation.

It is trellised with bands the greenish gold laurel leaves mounted at every intersection through a gold imperial double-headed eagle enamelled opaque black, and set with a rose diamond on its chest. This sample was also drawn from the Coronation robe worn by the Empress.

The Faberge eggs was made in 1897 and fitted inside a velvet-lined compartment is a an accurate replica, less than four inches long, the the Eighteenth-century imperial coach that brought Tsarina Alexandra to she coronation.

Estimates on price placed this egg in the an ar of $18 Million Dollars.

The Rothschild Faberge Egg


In 2nd place, this pink egg is a favourite among Russians for its spectacular design and also was created in 1902.

On 8 December 2014, the Rothschild egg was given to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This emerged during a agree to commemorate the 250th anniversary that the museum yet tt has been reported the Ivanov donated the egg to the Russian government in 2014 as result of some major tax issues.

It is one of the couple of eggs the was not created the Russian imperial family, and also it had remained in the Rothschild family due to the fact that it was an initial purchased. That was among the many expensive eggs that Faberge had ever made and sold.

In total it is thought to be worth as much as $25 Million Dollars in today’s money.

The 3rd Imperial Faberge Egg

The third Imperial Egg is the most expensive Faberge egg in the world

Its the grand daddy of castle all and was do in 1887 and also subsequently lost years later until it proved up in a flea industry in the joined states.

The Faberge eggs easily made headlines across the world and also was later on sold come a exclusive collector because that an undisclosed price.

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The price was later revealed come be roughly $33 Million dollars in component due come its small known status in the world of the Faberge collection, do this official the many expensive egg in the world.