When girlfriend buy a pound of coffee, do you wonder simply how plenty of cups the coffee you’ll obtain out that it?

Good coffee beans certainly aren’t cheap, so understanding your per-cup investment can be handy to understand how much her caffeine thirsty is costing you.

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The variety of cups that coffee you’ll obtain out that a pound of beans counts on a couple of different variables, so today we’re walk to do a deep dive on the topic.


Ground Or totality Bean?

Weight is weight, however as anyone who’s believed through the concern of “which is heavier: a pound of feather or a pound of steel” will certainly tell you, that takes a lot much more feathers to gain to a pound.

By the same reasoning, the variety of tablespoons the coffee in a pound will vary a an excellent deal depending upon if your bag that coffee is full of soil or whole beans.

Ground beans, unsurprisingly, take up method less an are than whole beans.

As a result, you deserve to fit a bigger volume of coffee grounds in the median one-pound container compared to entirety bean coffee. Therefore, you’ll get much more tablespoons per pound of floor coffee.

Spoon Size

Not every tablespoon is produced equal!

The unit that measurement comes from a less complicated time: it initially referred come the spoon one provided to eat with rather of the spoon one might use for stirring coffee or tea (known together a coffee spoon or teaspoon).

Of course, that measurement has been standardized end time, but it’s still no perfectly consistent.

It’s an ext exact to measure your coffee by weight, yet most world still usage the tablespoon measurement for convenience.

The difficulty there is the a tablespoon deserve to hold a different volume relying on who made it, also with conventional measures! If you’re utilizing an actual table or “soup” spoon, the will already be different from a tablespoon native a measure up set.

But also if you’re utilizing a measuring collection tablespoon, that may be different from another company’s volume.

And then there are the devoted tablespoons marketed in coffee shops and gourmet stores; those are also really inconsistent through different products.

As a result of all this, the variety of tablespoons of ground coffee in a pound might vary a lot depending on the spoon she using.

So it’s necessary to either usage the very same spoon every time, or friend can pick to change over to measuring by load to get a an ext accurate knowledge of how numerous cups of coffee in a pound you’re getting.

Wrapping Up

So how many cups will you obtain from a lb of coffee?

That will depend on several various factors. Your brewing method for coffee at home, the proportion of grounds to water you use, the size of her coffee cup all beat a role.

Even the dimension of your tablespoons will certainly make a difference, relying on the coffee measurement method you prefer.

Different coffee varieties may also impact how plenty of cups you acquire out the a lb of beans, together with the grind level.

Measuring by weight fairly than by tablespoon may give you a much more exact average across the coffee types, but it’s approximately you to decision how specific you want to get.

If you want to carry the coffee shop house with you, it’s an excellent to know your per-cup price.

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While you’re play barista in ~ home, you can experiment with all of these determinants to offer yourself the finest cup the coffee and also understand whereby your money is really going vs just the amount of coffee you’re gulping down.