The great thing about large box stores choose Lowe’s and Home Depot is you deserve to buy just around anything there.Swing over on a Saturday morning because that a pair pieces of plywood and also some sandpaper and also you can likewise grab a faucet seal, a summer sprouts rack, and also a plant for the porch.Hey, look, they have sod for sale!Hmmmm, it looks quite handy, every rolled up and ready to go. And the backyard does look type of ratty…Pause, please. Anytime you buy sod, indigenous anywhere, you have to ask a couple of key questions.Can the salesperson top top duty in the garden center answer them? If so, great! Happy new lawn! If not, you can want to mull this decision end a Snickers bar first. (They have those, too.)Here are some points to consider:


What type of Sod is This? Is it the Best form for my Yard?

There’s more than one selection of grass accessible for your Orlando property. Nobody expects you to be an expert. However the human selling the sod need to be.The ideal sod retailers will certainly walk you v it. They should ask girlfriend as plenty of questions together you asking them. Is your residential property sunny or shady? go it gain a many foot traffic? do you have actually an watering system?Matching the ideal sod to your site’s conditions is a an essential first action to sod surroundings success.It help if you’ve offered some thought to your yard’s requirements — and also your expectations.Expect an ext maintenance through Zoysia 보다 St. Augustine or Bahia grass.Celebration Bermuda has great wear tolerance, which makes it great for sports and also pets.Expert sod providers can help you hone in top top the best sod for her yard.

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Where go This home Depot or Lowe’s Sod Come From?

Don’t be fear to ask in-depth questions around where your sod comes from and also how that cared for before it soil in your yard.It’s an excellent to it is in picky. This is a large investment — not a rapid decision come make between the checkout and your auto while balancing a bag of fertilizer on her hip. In ~ Ground Source, us drive about an hour farther 보다 we need to and also pay around 12 percent an ext in stimulate to gain sod that’s consistently high quality and also holds up great, even in the more challenging installation months of June through September.

Our sod provider is the only one in the area that supplies an expensive webworm preventative, to store the sod free of those summer-time damaging pests.The sooner your fresh sod go from farm yard to your soil, the better, so the doesn’t dry out. The very same day is best.When is the residence Depot sod harvested?The prize you desire to hear is the price we offer our customers: that morning.

Is the Sod for Sale Guaranteed?

Not every installer supplies one, however we warranty sod because that 30 days, noted we download it, during details times of the year, as long as client adhere to our post-care requirements. Those incorporate treatment with a starter fertilizer, an authorized insecticide, and an authorized fungicide, as well as following our watering instructions. Some constraints apply.

Does Sod at Lowe’s or residence Depot Come with care Instructions?

When you buy sod at Lowe’s or house Depot, will certainly you leave with detailed care instructions so you have the right to ensure your sod gets a great start and also stays healthy?There’s a many to new sod care, including a pretty considerable watering schedule.Find our thorough sod care instructions at Extr instructions are additionally found within the signed proposal if you involved us for installation.

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Need Sod because that Sale? to trust Ground Source

It’s basic to be tempted by rolfes of pretty green sod, simply sitting there, ready to go.But sod isn’t choose a candy bar in the checkout aisle, an impulse buy come grab ~ above your method to the car. This investment needs some thoughtful inquiries — and detailed answers. Ask sufficient questions about the sod in ~ Lowe’s and Home Depot so you’re sure around your brand-new sod’s quality and freshness.And before you do a snap decision come buy sod, you require a plan. Who will deliver it? who will install it? Is her yard ready? just how do you discover expert installers?Maybe you need to head residence with your bag the drill bits, provide this part thought, and also put your trust in a firm that sells and also installs top quality sod every day, through exacting standards. We’re sod experts, but our skills don’t avoid there. We’re with you every step of the way as you arrangement your perfect the end space.Sod, irrigation, landscape design: Let us transform your yard indigenous an ashamed eyesore to a ar you spend every spare minute.Are you ready to gain the vibrant, superior yard you"ve always wanted? request a quote today! We’ll help you review your alternatives and climate transform your property.