Amethyst is a violet colored, semi-precious gemstone of the Quartz mineral family. Together an astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire, that is worn to conquer financial stress, professional instability and also unhealthy addictions.

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Who should wear Amethyst?

Amethyst (meaning Jamuniya, Katela or Ketela in Hindi) is connected with the earth Saturn. That is worn to strengthen weaker Saturn and to benefit from that is favorable occupation in a person’s horoscope.

Vedic astrology prescribes Jamuniya ratna because that Makar (Capricorn) and also Kumbh (Aquarius) rashi..Western astrology assigns amethyst birthstone because that Pisces.Amethyst can also be worn by Gemini, Virgo and also Taurus.

How come wear Amethyst stone?

WeightColorMetalFingerDay & TimeMantra & Chanting Times
Minimum 1/10th of the human body weight. A human weighing 60 Kgs have the right to wear a 6 carat Amethyst stone.
Bright, purple amethyst is ideal for ideal astrological returns.
Best worn in a silver- ring. Yellow gold is strictly prohibited.
Middle finger that the working hand
Saturday, ~ sunset is the finest time come wear Amethyst.
"Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः । (108 times)

Gemstone and Astrologer

Planet:SaturnVedic Rashi:Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius)Western sun Sign:PiscesSuitable Ascendants:Gemini, Virgo, Taurus

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Amethyst Benefits

Amethyst is quite popular for its capability to patience restless and distracted minds and thus is highly helpful in enhancing wearer’s productivity.

Cures Addictive Tendencies

– Since old times, Amethyst has been widely offered for remedying self-destructive and also addictive tendencies of human being beings. World addicted come smoking, drinking and drug abuse deserve to surely depend on this gemstone for quitting these habits.

Revives shed Fortunes & Relationships

– Amethyst deserve to revive unexpected opportunities, thereby helping the wearer come reclaim materialistic and also financial comforts and repair lost or broken relationships.

Tranquilizes worried Minds

– Amethyst deserve to soothe weak, fragile and also anxious minds and also thus is highly useful in curing insomnia, anxiety, fear and also depression. Amethyst benefits surpass practically every other gemstone when it pertains to improving psychological focus, concentration and meditative ability of the wearer.

Clears mental Blockages

– put on amethyst can open stagnant or clogged minds, paving pathways for an innovative and logical services to emerge. For this reason, academicians, researchers and scholars, often resort to amethyst for success.

Improves Hair, teeth & Bone Health

– Detoxification and also cellular rejuvenation are several of the widely well-known Amethyst’s healing benefits in alternative medicine. That is additionally worn come cure Arthritis, Bone- Cancer and Paralysis.

Amethyst stone Benefits:

help in quitting alcohol, smoking & drugs

recreation financial, materialistic and also relationship wealth

Relieves Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

Channelizes intellectual, creative energies

improves mental focus, concentration and also meditative ability

Amethyst Prices

Being a durable gemstone (Moh’s hardness - 7) and also abundantly accessible in nature, amethyst is provided in jewel on a commercial scale. Its prices space influenced an ext by the color and also less by various other factors. However origin, cut and also clarity lug some degree of influence on its prices. Amethyst price every carat in India normally starts native ₹ 150 ($2) and can go up to ₹ 400 ($7).


– Brazilian amethyst prices selection between ₹ 300 to ₹ 400 per carat ($4 to $6), and are usually higher than other origins due to the fact that of superior color quality. ~ above account of much better clarity, afri amethyst can additionally command decent money despite that may differ from one rock to another.


– price of amethyst is decided practically entirely through its color. Deep violet amethyst through slight red and blue hues, draws greater pricing than also dark or also light gemstones. Shade zoning or inconsistent shade distribution deserve to marginally alleviate amethyst price on every carat basis.


– Amethyst is largely free of clearly shows inclusions. Although as soon as present, lock may show up like red brown needles or L-shaped bands and can alleviate the overall worth the amethyst.

Cut & Shape

– A carefully cut gemstone not just illuminates color and also light better but deserve to cleverly conceal the inclusions. Faceted gemstones room expensive 보다 cabochons due to the fact that of the rock wastage occurs in the process. On similar grounds, if overall quality stays same, round and oval forms are cheaper 보다 square or other customized shapes.

Carat weight

– Unlike various other precious gemstones, amethyst is abundantly easily accessible in nature. For this reason, one might not find exponential rise in the price the amethyst passport a vis the carat weight.


– as result of sufficient availability, amethyst is not that breakable to profiteering practices like man-made processing or treatments. However, it might still be subjected to fracture-filling or color enhancement measures. Usually, organic amethyst is much more valuable and also astrologically compatible than artificial or cure ones. Come ensure value for money, we recommend our customers to to buy original, certified amethyst digital or from reputed dealers.

Amethyst Quality

The quality of Amethyst is characterized primarily by its color. Yet, before-hand knowledge of other factors can assist our customers choose the many competent option and also buy the best quality Amethyst gemstone online as per your preference.


– Amethyst mines have been uncovered in Russia, Zambia, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico and Sri Lanka. However, wealthy purple color linked with african amethyst makes it particularly popular. Zambian and Brazilian amethyst are other renowned amethyst origins since of decently saturation raspberry violet color.


– Amethyst shade may range from light pink-violet to deep purple. Finest quality amethyst display screens vividly saturation purple shade (with or there is no red tints) and lacks color zoning completely. The gemstone have to neither be as well light that it waters down the color or as well dark that it looks black color in poor lighting. Also, one should very closely look because that brown tints and also color zones as they have the right to lower the quality and overall precious of amethyst, marginally.


– Amethyst is graded as form - 2 gemstone top top clarity standards, implying the is naturally cleaner than various other precious gemstones. However, anytime present, inclusions in Amethyst exist in and also as needles or L- shame bands. A transparent amethyst without visible inclusions radiates light and color far better than the translucent stones. As a rule, lesser the inclusions, better is the high quality of amethyst. Due to the fact that it is comfortably available in nature and quite affordable, it is not worthy to deteriorate on the clarity aspect when buying amethyst virtual or from dealers.

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In gemology, Amethyst is known as a naturally occurring, purple colored semi-precious gemstone of Quartz mineral family. Green Amethyst on the other hand is not a various gemstone however the result of intense warm treatment done to adjust Amethyst shade from purple to green. The term ‘Green Amethyst’ is a misnomer, meaning it is a false identification that misleads human being who might be trying to find Prasiolite. If both Amethyst and Prasiolite belonging to same mineral family, they execute not exist as mere color options but completely different gemstones with various market pricing. Due to the fact that Amethyst is the most valued gemstone that quartz mineral family, people often shot to pitch and also sell Prasiolite as environment-friendly Amethyst because that profiteering. The industry value of such a heat-treated rock is much less than Amethyst or even Prasiolite. At, you can buy initial amethyst digital certified by recognized laboratories come ensure a top quality purchase.