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No gemstone’s worth is together elusive and variable together quartz, yet at the finish of this article, we’ll have actually learned a smattering around the cuts, colors, intricacies, and, many importantly, the points you can take for granted when you find for the value of a quartz specimen.

Quartz’s clarity earns the a raw price of around $0.01/carat and also a gem price of $1-$7/carat. Amethyst, or purple quartz, is the most beneficial variety (can reach $15/carat), however pink, rose, and also smokey quartz is additionally valuable. Clearer, much more vibrant, and also unbroken specimens space the most valuable quartz.

The prices every carat do vary commonly throughout time, and also there are plenty of things come look out for – consisting of imitations and also fractures – as soon as appraising a quartz gem.

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Is Quartz decision Worth Anything?

The real Value the Quartz Crystal

Because quartz is a seemingly usual material, provided for things that span past gemstones and also beauty, this is normally the an initial question to ask for someone entering the civilization of quartz gemstones. Luckily, there is a clean and an accurate answer which will not disappoint you.

Yes, quartz is indeed common however it is additionally a really special mineral and has value. Of course, that won’t see prices rivaling the of diamonds or other popular colored gems, but due to the fact that it is beautiful and also useful, that will always run a price.

If friend don’t understand already, outside the gemstone industry quartz is fine known and widely used. It has electromagnetic nature which make it provided in the many luxurious that Swiss watches and also has become a buzzword analogous to time-telling top quality in the watch and also micromechanics industry.

In fact, quartz (silicon oxide or SiO together a chemistry composition) is offered in virtually every high-end consumer electronic together a steady semiconductor.

Inside the gemstone industry, it has a curious relationship with expense that other gemstones carry out not. For various other gemstones, the labor offered to cut and also polish and manufacture the gemstone is just a fraction of the expense of the last product, due to the fact that the mineral being processed is rare.

However, because that quartz, the labor is a huge portion of the last price. This will certainly be discussed an ext below due to the fact that it is one of the most important elements of selling, dealing with, and also trading quartz.

Value of Quartz: various Varieties & Units

To begin off through diving into the worth of every the types of quartz, what deserve to make the different, let’s take it a look at the average value because that these various kinds.

The values in this graph (except because that the life category) space all for cut and also polished quartz gemstones.

Of course, gemstones go through a lengthy life-cycle, so relying on if you have just uncovered the stone, if you’ve, bought it at a trusted raw gemstone supply, or have a display case specimen, this will readjust the price a lot.

It have the right to also adjust depending on whereby it has been found and how that is cut. However, this variations and much more will be debated down below.

Here are the median prices per carat of various quartz varieties.

Quartz Variety$/carat
Values for various quartz varieties

Because counter are sometimes confusing, here is just how much median clear quartz gems expense for different weight units.

Weight UnitPrice
per gram$10
per ounce$285
per pound$4571
per carat$2
Quartz price for different weight units

Purple quartz is the most valuable variety and will it is in looked in ~ in more detail in the following section.


The next many valuable form of quartz is pink or strawberry quartz. This variety takes on irradiate clear pink v darker freckles and is usually reduced into ring cabochons.

The price for this form can vary widely and also is mostly defined by the clarity. Clearer specimens will certainly deposit themselves higher on the price range, especially when the specks are clearly visible.


Though comparable in color, increased quartz has some differentiating features which set it apart from pink quartz. This selection is generally cloudy and also therefore not reduced into spicy gemstone shapes.

On the other hand, that is most famous when tumbled and totally round. Together cloudy minerals room most valuable when uniform, so try to look because that imperfections in shade variation which might push the price under to the 2 $/carat range.


Smokey quartz (also spelled smoky) is a very an important variety, which come in all varieties of browns of equal value. Friend can uncover tan smokey quartz or one almost fully black variety.

Color sport are likewise responsible for price sport in gemstone quality smokey quartz – you’ll want to uncover a specimen without fractures that has actually the same shade of brown throughout.

Smokey quartz is also popularly displayed in that raw crystal form. In this case, shade variation is desired and also even typical – usually close to the base of the crystal is a clearer shade, if the tip can display screen an infinitely dark shade.

The greatest quality smokey quartz jewel are additionally popularly cut into gemstone forms such together the emerald or assher cut and also used together backdrops for more colorful and also expensive colored stones.

Any color imperfections or one easier cut will diminish the value, while a pure color emerald cut smokey quartz will certainly be at the peak of the price selection for this stone.


Green and yellow quartz stem native the exact same mineral relationship and usually right into similar categories. Castle are much more common than numerous of the other colors and for that factor are much cheaper, but since of their clarity and also reflective properties, are additionally sometimes faceted and sold as gems in jewelry.


Clear quartz is actually rarer than yellow quartz yet is no as well-known as a gemstone because of that is seeming simplicity. If you’re looking to sell raw clean quartz, friend may also want come look in the industrial sector.

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Purple Quartz or Amethyst is the most beneficial variety that Quartz

Purple quartz, or amethyst, is widely known as the most popular and most valuable variety the quartz. Amethyst is treated together a true gemstone most of the moment – meaning it is uncovered in much the same areas as various other colored gemstones, where you might not find clear or any other variety of quartz.

Though no the rarest, amethyst is the most famous variety which drives need much higher. Since you might be together curious as I am around the different facets of amethyst together a gemstone, I will take you with the 4 c’s that this wonderful variety of quartz.

Its cut is what differentiates it from various other varieties that quartz and also sends the closer to the colored gemstone realm. While various other varieties might be cut in a cabochon (round with few edges) styles, clean amethyst is most an important when faceted.

It takes many of the forms which various other colored gemstones take, most notably: asscher, emerald (pictured below), and baguette for structured or action cuts. It additionally looks good with round, oval, and cushion cuts.

The color of amethyst ranges from an extremely light lavender to a deep royal purple. Different colors will certainly have different values, yet usually, the deeper and also darker fancy stones have much more intrinsic value.

They additionally take on a an ext natural look – violet is no a shade found often in nature and can as such seem synthetic sometimes. The can additionally vary in shade throughout the material.

Because amethyst is just a range of quartz the assumes its color because of the existence of other minerals around, it have the right to sometimes have actually clearer portions, particularly closer come the resource of the crystal’s growth.

Quartz is usually defined by a really high clarity however is susceptible to fracturing. Amethyst is no an exemption to this, and most specimens that you may uncover are already fractured, with cracks everywhere and only very tiny elements existing without cracks.

Because the this, any specialist will look carefully for imperfections when buying amethyst, for this reason you need to too.

Amethyst exist in all carat weights, it deserve to be uncovered in geodes as hundreds of tiny specimens, and also it deserve to be found in large, unbroken pieces. Therefore, a rarity indigenous the dimension will not influence the cost per carat price much.

There is one consideration that can actually administer a barrier for larger quartz specimens though. Quartz has a vitreous luster which shows up as waxy most of the time, yet this slowly looks duller and also duller as dimension increases.

This residential or commercial property will not affect the average specimen but should be retained in mind as soon as looking for enormous gemstones.

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What renders Quartz Valuable?

Quartz’s worth as a gemstone stems indigenous the job which to be put right into transforming that from a life mineral come a gemstone. The worth of life quartz depends highly on that intactness, purity, and color.

Importance that Gem Cutters

Labor is crucial piece that the quartz industry because the raw material is not so rare but the finish product is quiet a beautiful, clear, colored gem.

However, that is likewise important because the mineral chin is not simple to work-related with. It has actually a conchoidal fracture and also brittle tenacity, which space not typical for gemstones, making it a dedicated area the gem cutters.

Fracture is a building that speaks about how a stone looks after that is broken. Conchoidal fracture creates wavy, smooth curves along a broken surface.

If girlfriend think around the most attractive gemstones you’ve seen, you probably don’t think around curving surface – you typically think around clean, planar slices showing light in various directions.

Therefore, this property have the right to be a huge barrier in between getting from life quartz to a perfect gemstone. It likewise notably provides it an extremely hard for DIY’ers, who typically go for a round, tumbled look as a result.


Quartz imitations are exceptionally popular as a an outcome of this property also. Glass has a similar fracture and also a similar clarity also, which makes it very easy to make a virtually indistinguishable quartz imitation to an untrained eye.

You will certainly recognize substantial companies prefer Swarovski who make glass crystals that can be made come look very similar to quartz crystals.

While quartz is still more valuable 보다 these crystals, it’s amazing to look at all the similarities between the 2 materials. Glass is made from melted sand, which itself is actually almost 100% comprised of silicon and oxygen.

So quartz and glass are both make of virtually the same thing and also are both almost fully devoid of any crystalline structure to it is in noted.

The similarity don’t end there – as soon as comparing the price structures of glass imitation crystals and also quartz crystals, the labor price the both dominates the finish gemstone price, because of cheap raw material cost.

The greater price the quartz have the right to be attributed to the reduced supply – since it’s much easier to gain glass 보다 it is life quartz, it’s reasonably easy to find glass crystals for sale, yet harder to discover quartz crystals for jewelry.

BTW: execute you desire to know an ext about rocks and minerals identification? The books noted below space the finest ones you can discover on the internet (Amazon links):

Where deserve to I market Quartz Crystals?

So, if the imitations are so popular, you need to uncover a location where your natural material have the right to be appreciated for what it is. There is a different market because that raw and crystal quartz, for this reason you must go to different places to offer it.

Etsy and also other niche virtual marketplaces are an excellent avenues to take if you’re just starting out your gemstone vendor career. Over there are additionally established shops on these platforms i beg your pardon are very successful.

Another route is joining rock and also crystal clubs and then attending your events. These are usually friendly, an individual affairs whereby you deserve to share your passion for minerals and exchange interesting specimens.

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Where have the right to I buy Quartz Crystals?

When in the sector for quartz, you have to decide whether you want to buy native a reputable agency where over there are methods to reliably find the beginning of each gem or if you want a much more personal experience and also a more an imaginative piece.

Raw Quartz

Etsy, Amazon, and Joom virtual marketplaces are great places to discover raw quartz. Over there are plenty of mineral wholesalers who offer quartz.

I recommend browsing these online marketplaces for raw quartz due to the fact that it is reasonably common, for this reason fraud and other attempts to lie to you about what you are buying are less common.

Quartz Crystals and Jewelry

The best place come buy organic jewelry is inarguably regional gem shows and also rock exchanges. These space usually seasonal weekend events where rock merchants set up stands in a town square.

These space truly exciting events and provide a friendly atmosphere for mineral exchanging. If you’re trying to find a much more valuable gem, reliable jewelry shop usually have a small selection of quartz.

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Otherwise, any kind of rock shop or soul shop will have creative quartz crystals.

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