The Hip-Hop genre in the American music industry has actually grown end the year with countless artists venturing into it. Jayceon Terrel Taylor popularly known as “The Game” is among the American rappers who has actually made a name for himself. The game net precious is also one that speaks that his success as a rapper.

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How much is Jayceon Taylor worth? together of 2020, The game net worth is estimated to it is in $22 million. The video game net worth and also assets are thought to have built up due come his career together a rapper which began an ext like one epiphany. It was not until he obtained shot the he realized the was his purpose.


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He requested his brother big Fase to buy him standard hip-hop albums that renown rappers which he reviewed during his relifwynnfoundation.orgvery period. However, he acquired popularity even before he exit his first mixtape” You know What it is Vol.1 “in 2002 by attending the hip-hop summit held by Russell Simmons and Louis Farrakhan.

In 2003, Dr. Dre acquired to hear the mixtape, and he gladly signed game with his relifwynnfoundation.orgrd label results Entertainment. The Game likewise got to work with 50 Cent and also G-Unit by special in 50 cent music videos such as “In da Club.” The game then take it his time on structure his brand and working top top his album and also Dre mentored him through the process. Nonetheless, later in 2012 Game created his relifwynnfoundation.orgrd brand “Blood Money Entertainment.” It has signed in artist such together Skeme and Dubb.

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The following are some of the games albums that he exit from 2005 to date. The album sales are majorly part of the factors why many speculate him together being amongst the richest rappers in the hip-hop genre.

2005: The Documentary album. This album had actually singles such as “How we do” and “Hate the or love it.” it is estimated to have actually garnered that $10,979,010.2006: medical professionals Advocate. It is claimed to have actually earned that $4,269,615.2008: L.A.X. Indigenous this album, game is believed to have gained $3,659,670 2011: He released the R.E.D album in 2011. That is estimated he obtained $3,903,648 indigenous the album.2012: game released the Jesus item and likewise a mixtape “Operation death Everything.” that is speculated he gained $3,659,670 native the album.2015 : He exit the “Documentary 2 “album that earned that $6,099,450.2016: exit the “1992” album. It to be a diss tune to Meek Mill called “92 Bars”.2019: He released the “Born 2 lab album.”

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Apart from music, video game has additionally ventured right into acting. He has actually featured in movies and TV reflects as himself or in character. Castle include:


Waist Deep (Big Meat)Belly 2; Millionaire Boyz club (G)Tournament of dreams (Troy)Street queens (Grill)The Adventures the the Blue Carpet therapy (Himself)House Arrest (De Andre),All ― Star Weekend (Stunner)

TV shows

In all these shows, he features as “Himself.”

Hell’s KitchenShe’s acquired GameThe RealMarrying the GameChange of Heart revolt LiveLarry King NowLopez TonightThe Arsenio room ShowThe Parker ReportLast speak to with Carson Daly

Game was additionally involved in documentaries, which mainly spoke around street life. Lock include:

2005: Beef III2006: prevent Snitchin; stop LyinRap Sheet; hip Hop and the lifwynnfoundation.orgpsDeath prior to DishonorBlack and Blue: Legends that the i know well Hop lifwynnfoundation.orgp2007: Life after the MathBeef IV2018: Bridging the Gap

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The Game produced his shoes brand “The Hurricanes “after partnering with 310 Motoring. He later shared the profits with the Hurricane Katrina victims. That is additionally a strong supporter of the black Lives issue movement.

Cars own by The Game

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The Game’s taste for cars is unique and also ultimately one the shouts out his worth. He is recognized to have actually one that the chicest auto lifwynnfoundation.orgllections the he appears to pick intentionally. The following are few of the luxurious cars own by the well known rapper.

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Leather-wrapped Ferrari

This kind of Ferrari is estimated to lifwynnfoundation.orgst $200,000. It has an engine capacity of 6262cc, passenger airbags, an digital stability program, child security lock, max strength of 652bhp
8000rpm, and an engine mobilizer.

Dodge Challenger

The price the the dodge Challenger varieties from $29,995 come $32,995. It has actually a well-built and lifwynnfoundation.orgmfortable cabin, rating that the basic is 3.6-liter V6 engine, speech is 305, and it is a five-seater. The price of the different varieties of evade Challenger ranges from $38,995 to $66,090.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The rolfes Royce has attributes such as an engine volume of 6592cc, max strength of 563bhp
5250rpm, automatically gears, alloy wheels, a power steering wheel, a petrol engine type, a front, and rear brake type. The price is estimated to be $311,900 with second destination fee of $2,500.


Chevrolet Camaro has actually a chic styling, lifwynnfoundation.orgnvertible human body styles, upgraded brakes, 18-inch wheels, an eight-way strength driver seat, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, a six-speaker sound system, a 4G LTE WIFI, a push-button start, and an Apple car play. The price that the Camaro is estimated to it is in $26,000 come $26,500

Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma has actually power mirrors, in-car entertainment, a hybrid engine, a low fuel level warning, and also a rear-wheel drive, a transmission of 1-speed straight drive, an electric fuel type, ten full speakers. The price the a Fisker Karma, lifwynnfoundation.orgnsidering the various models varieties from $102,000 to $116,000.

Porsche Panamera

The price of this ride ranges from $86,300 come $196,000. It has an engine volume of 3996cc, max power of 542bhp
5750-600rpm, an automatic transmission, alloy wheels, usage of 12.90kmpl, an electric power steering and also passenger airbags.

Bugatti Veyron

A Bugatti Veyron is a two-seater that has actually a lifwynnfoundation.orgnvertible body style, a driver airbag, alloy wheels, automatically climate lifwynnfoundation.orgntrol, one anti-lock braking system, and also engine form of 7993cc and also a max strength of 1001bhp at 6000rpm. The price of a Bugatti ranges from $1.7 million to $3 million.

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The video game net worth is one that has attracted a the majority of attention come him, and he does no shy far from flaunting his extravagant lifestyle. He has lifwynnfoundation.orgme a long way, and also most would agree the he deserves it. The game has worked hard to keep his name among the renown rappers, and an ext is meant from him.