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The pleasure Of Receiving A Card

There is nothing much better than going to the mailbox and finding a card created to you by hand instead of simply the bills and junk mail. It is still magical and also joyful to obtain a map in

the mail that someone tool the time to send to you. And if that is a hand make card, then the is a actual treasure.

Making the map is only half of the task. Making sure that the card gets over there on time is the other fifty percent of the equation. Because cards deserve to be unexplained sizes and weights, the is necessary to put the ideal postage ~ above the envelope. It certain is disappointing to acquire a card ago because that did not have sufficient postage.

Here room some tips, ideas and also tricks to make certain that her homemade cards come on time !

Some greeting cards the you acquisition may often tell friend "additional postage required. Often they will certainly tell friend the lot of postage essential for the item. Just make certain that the lot is under the present guidelines

Current Postage Guidelines

The present postage pointer per stamp is $.50 rubber stamp which is anything under i ounce

Buy as plenty of Forever Stamps as you can prior to December 31st. Nine times out of ten, the postage will boost the following year. Also though friend buy them ahead, they will still be an excellent at the rate for the next year !

What Is considered A strict Greeting Card?

Greeting cards have the right to be classified together “rigid” if it can not bend and also is less than:

11-1/2" x 6-1/8" x 1/4" special 3.5 ounces

If they satisfy these conditions, they will certainly be charged the conventional postage rate, add to a non-machinable surcharge.

If they exceed this dimensions, they will be priced together a "large envelope/flat". Rate

Is the A Letter Or Not?

The us Postal company has particular guidelines for what a letter is. Understanding what the criteria is have the right to be important when you room mailing a greeting card. Knowing that over there is a $0.21 (as the 2017) surcharge for anything that does not fulfill their indict is essential when you acquisition or make a greeting card. There is nothing worse than to send a unique greeting card and also have it reverted for poor postage. Particularly if the card consisted of a gift card,

If you continue to be in the guideline show above, height minimum 3½ and also max at 6-1/8, size 5″ minimum and also max 11½ keep it at 1 oz or less and also not thicker then ¼” climate you must be for sure for one first class stamp

Here space the guidelines native the united state Postal business on what is taken into consideration a letter:

The element ratio (length split by height) must be at the very least 1.3 but not much more than 2.5.The letter need to not it is in polybagged, polywrapped, or attached in any type of plastic material.The letter have to not have actually clasps, strings, buttons, or comparable closure devices.The letter should not contain items such as pens or loosened keys that cause the thickness to it is in uneven.The letter have to bend easily.For pieces an ext than 4-1/4" high or 6" long, the piece must be at least 0.009" thick.The delivery address must it is in parallel to the long side of the mailpiece.For booklet-type pieces, the bound edge need to not be at the top, and must be follow me the much longer dimension.If the letter is a self-mailer (such together a bifold or trifold flier), the mailer need to be securely closed at all openings (sides and also front) v wafer seals or cellophane tape.

What Is considered A Letter


What If You add Embellishments To her Card?

When you include embellishment ~ above the prior of the map that have the right to be tricky come mail. The mail goes right into a device and the pearl, rhinestone and such can obtain push out of the envelop and also even tear her card. Prefer I explain in the video clip you can add a piece of foam ~ above the optimal or emboss a item of map stock the dimension of your card front and place on top. This will protect your card and also embellishments.

Again make certain it is not over the ¼ inch thickness, if the is then add the no machinable stamp.

What Is A Letter

To be sent out at a letter rate, the item have to be rectangular, At the very least 3-1/2 customs high x 5 inches lengthy x 0.007 customs thick. No much more than 6-1/8 inch high x 11-1/2 inches long x 1/4 inch thick.

DimensionMinimum SizeMaximum Size


3 1/2 inches

6 1/8 inches


5 inches

11 1/2 inches



1/4 inch

The non-machinable surcharge applies to letter-sized greeting cards that cannot be processed automatically. Typically, this describes greeting cards weighing more than 1 ounce, approximately the 3.5–ounce preferably weight. After that it might easily be thought about a package

What is A no Machinable Card and Postage?

A nonmachinable mailpiece is a mailpiece that need to be sorted exterior of the standard, automated letter process. ... The nonmachinable surcharge is added to First-Class Mail® with any of the adhering to criteria: for pieces more than 4-1/4 inch high or 6 inch long, the thickness is much less than 0.009 inch.

If you send a map in a clean envelope that would be an instance of a nonmachinable card. If you use a clear envelope make certain to ar the stamp and also return sticker ~ above the exterior of the card.

You can likewise slide a piece of copy document with the resolve and return address. Seal and place the non machinable stamp on the out side

How come Decorate your Envelopes

Other dimension Greeting Cards

So, if her greeting map does not fulfill the size or weight criteria for a letter, you can be fee a surcharge since the card could not go with their letter sorting machine

These space referred through the write-up Office together a big envelope. (anything the exceeds their letter requirements)

Here is whereby I personal ran right into problems. I mailed a slim square 4 x 4 inch give thanks to you card. Due to the fact that it to be thin, I just put a single Forever stamp on it and also sent the on its way. What ns did not understand is that anything the does no fit right into the letter requirements requirements what is referred to as a 21 cent(as the 2917) non machinable surcharge. So 2 main later, it was went back with an stamped not sufficient postage mark.


Musical Greeting Cards

The an extremely popular musical greeting card have their own requirements. That knew?

Because plenty of of these cards go above the 1 ounce necessity for a letter, and also the card appears square, is is topic to the $0.17 added surcharge end and above the lot of postage that would be forced for that is weight.

Some since of their size are actually classified as big envelopes (flats). That way that it could be classified together a package and subject to first class package rates.

Just something to consider if you room thinking around sending one

Mailing Cards To armed forces Addresses

If you are mailing a greeting map to a military attend to the same rates and rules apply as if you were mailing the in the US.

APO represents Army/Air Force short article Office for bases overseas.

FPO stands for Fleet post Office and is for the Navy/USMC bases and ships abroad.

DPO stands for Diplomatic article Office. This would certainly be offered if you have actually someone in the State department or a naval stationed in ~ an embassy.

First course Mail -Transit time for your cards is about 2-3 weeks. So permit that lot of time and maybe a little more at vacation time.

Priority Mail- 2-3 mainly in transit time

Express Mail-Up come 1 week. Might not be obtainable to all destinations

Parcel Post-Up come 6 weeks

Tips for Mailing Gift Cards

Lots of folks have actually gone to making use of gift cards rather of gifts due to the fact that of the price that postage. There room a couple of things to consider when sending them out, especially if you incorporate them in a card or gift card holder.

Add a item of cardboard so the the gift card will remain stableConsider making use of a padded envelopes to mail your gift card.Add an extra copy the the return resolve or the address where the card is going, with the gift card so the if the envelope it s okay damaged, hopefully the card will be returned or sent out where friend intended.The article office walk have level rate gift envelopes specifically for gift cards which girlfriend can acquire for free.

More Gift map Mailing Ideas

Instead of using cardboard to mail your gift cards, friend can also use bubble wrap. I constantly save balloon wrap the comes n other packages come wrap mine most breakable cards and gift cards.

Christmas distribution Dates

For post office delivery for the December holidays, especially Christmas, below are the critical days that you can obtain your cards and gifts the end for castle to come at Christmas:

December 15-Parcel Post

December 20th-First course Mail

December 21st-Priority Mail

Getting date of birth Cards out On Time

I really make it a priority to shot to acquire birthday cards out on time. Ns make a the majority of birthday cards on hand. Because these are generally the many used cards. But, sometimes I forget to examine the calendar and the card and what might be in it arrive later than I would certainly like.

So below is a simple remedy to that, ns have determined to use.

At the start of the month, I pick the birthday (or anniversary) cards that have to go out) ns stick the return brand on them and also calculate the postage I will certainly need depending upon the type and dimension of the card. I then take a pencil and in the appropriate hand corner, I compose the day that they need to go out (depending on wherein in the country they room going) and also the postage the I will certainly need. Mental to use the day that they must go out fairly than the birth date so they come on time. I keep that months cards in a basket wherein I have the right to see it.

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For birthdays in the first week that the following month, I store those in the present month for this reason they gain out ~ above time.

Then I examine the basket every week, to make certain to get any cards that have to go out. Seems to work far better for me.

Of course remember to include postage !

Sending Out mass Cards

Recently, I sent out out around 20 cards to a charity. I put them right into an envelope as I usually do and also applied the postage because that the weight. They to be sent ago to me as being as well thick because that an envelope, I have to admit, lock were around three inch thick. For this reason if girlfriend are sending out mass cards, you can want come think about a box fairly than a big envelope, lesson learned