According to the internet, you deserve to break a clavicle by using just seven pounds the force. I understand it’s a pretty usual fracture, but seven pounds seems suspiciously low; the slightly less than the weight of a gallon of water.

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Where top top the clavicle, and also in what direction, could I use seven pounds of force in order to rest it?

When ns was 10, I damaged my left clavicle when tackled play football (without any padding and the critical play of the day). My medical professional commented it can be damaged moving through motioning his outstretched hand in a not-very-fast bottom chop.

No this is false. You have the right to rest a twenty pound load on your collar bone, background a comparable weight, etc without break it obviously.

It is true the collar bone is fairly fragile. The reasons for why this can be room a matter of part debate. Biomechanics studies (orthopedists love biomech studies) suggest that over 1500N are forced in axial load. Tension, shear, and also twisting pressures will decrease this in an unpredictable method (the clavicle has actually a relatively irregular shape) but it’s far an ext than 7 lbs.

Really_Not_All_That_Bright in march 1, 2016, 8:09pm #5

The clavicle is much stronger than that sort of story would certainly lead you to believe. It develops the significant part the the upper extremity equivalent of the pelvic girdle, so generally speaking that is kind of a pelvis. And also the pelvis is really strong. Of course, the scapular girdle is not practically as strong as the pelvis in humans due to the fact that we nothing walk on ours hands, yet we’re no that far removed from pets who do.

As a general rule, bone is very solid against compression and very weak in anxiety (which is the opposite sample to ours connective tissues). So the easiest way to break a clavicle is more than likely to traction it apart from the ends with some shearing force added.

Machine_Elf march 1, 2016, 9:47pm #6

Biomechanics studies (orthopedists love biomech studies) suggest that over 1500N are compelled in axial load.

Which is an ext like 337 pounds.


Tension, shear, and also twisting forces will diminish this in one unpredictable way (the clavicle has actually a fairly irregular shape) yet it’s far much more than 7 lbs.

OK, so “7 pounds to rest a clavicle” is kind of like “a duck’s quack no echo, and no one to know why”, i.e. It’s an apocryphal bullshit factoid the keeps acquiring passed about without refutation. Thanks!

SpeedwayRyan in march 2, 2016, 3:51pm #7

At about age 13, I damaged mine by dropping a gallon of ice cream top top it. I was placing a bucket of ice cream cream back in the freezer once it slipped out of mine hands and the sheet hit my clavicle. The wasn’t badly broken, but it was negative enough I had actually to wear an annoying brace for several weeks while it healed. That gallon of ice cream probably weighs 6-8 pounds and dropped probably much less than a foot before striking the bone, for this reason it’s definitely true that it doesn’t take lot force, assuming the it’s applied in just the appropriate spot in simply the ideal way.

Gary_T march 2, 2016, 4:19pm #8

In the middle of this discussion, ns wonder who clavicle? A five-year-old’s? A 12-year-old’s? A 25-year-old’s? A 95-year-old’s? appears to me there can be some far-ranging differences.

doorhinge march 2, 2016, 5:44pm #9

The clavicle screams “Break me! break me!”. It has actually no protection to speak of; there’s simply a thin layer the skin in between it and the exterior world. Additionally, both end of the bone are reasonably immobile. A bottom strike come the clavicle is (mostly)transfer to the spinal tower by method of the sternum, scapula, and ribs. The spine is especially configured to oppose this type of compressive force and provides precisely the type of resistance essential to make such a win effective.


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So, let us talk for a spell about the breakable bits of the human body. Yes, I deserve to hear you raising an objection already... "All the bits a...

I’m not sure exactly how these alleged clinical sources tested the clavicle come it’s break point. 7 pounds per square customs could, if it’s applied in the most efficient manner, rest a bone the size of a clavicle. Yet who’s clavicle? one NFL protective tackle? more than likely not. A 130 lb bookworm? Probably. An typical medical cadaver from India? Possibly.

The pointy finish of a 6 pound blacksmith sledge hammer

wouldn’t require much speed to cracked a bone. If the bones of a forearm are cost-free to swing far from a 7 psi strike, the clavicle is supported at both ends and also held ridged through the chest and spine.

Blue_Blistering_Barnacle march 2, 2016, 6:11pm #10

Bruce Lee can break her clavicle just by looking in ~ it. While that is true the his equal does no exist today, adept practioners that OS-do have the right to fracture smaller sized bones (such as the hyoid) by deftly and also firmly boring a mix of keys on a conventional keyboard. Ns don’t know which keys, exactly, but I’m pretty certain that among them is CTRL.


Actually, IRL, healthy and balanced bones are really strong, but it can be exceptional how frequently bones sustain major stresses there is no breaking, yet fail against fairly minor trauma presented simply the not correct way.

aux203 march 3, 2016, 5:30pm #11

The clavicle is lot stronger than that kind of story would certainly lead you to believe. It forms the major part that the top extremity indistinguishable of the pelvic girdle, so broadly speaking that is type of a pelvis. And also the pelvis is really strong. That course, the scapular girdle is not practically as strong as the pelvis in humans due to the fact that we nothing walk on our hands, yet we’re no that far removed from animals who do.

As a basic rule, bone is very strong against compression and very weak in anxiety (which is the opposite pattern to our connective tissues). Therefore the easiest means to rest a clavicle is most likely to pull it except the ends through some shearing force added.

What on earth?!? Literally no one of what you wrote is true.

The shoulder girdle is absolutely nothing like the pelvis and it works very differently native a functional and also anatomic perspective. This is true also in quadrapeds. At finest you could say they space both joints. That’s about it.

Bone is a form of connective tissue.

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Bone is slightly more powerful in compression than tension yet the two space quite comparable when it pertains to ultimate productivity strength. The idea the bone is weak in tension is ludicrous. If girlfriend pulling a bone apart from the ends (?!?) is simpler than applying some lateral stress, you room insane.