This overview will display you just how much salt to include to your pool. You must put the exactly amount the salt in order for your salt chlorine generator come work.

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After purchase a salt chlorine generator it is essential to recognize how much salt to add to your pool, the correct salt level (ppm) necessary for your above ground pool will help you acquire the best results. The target salt level is 3200 – 3400ppm (parts every million). Depending on the dimension of the over ground pool, the number of pounds the salt will vary to reach this right range. The means in which salt is added to the pool though continues to be the same, no matter what type of salt system or above ground pool you have.

Remember to an initial test the swimming pool water to view the existing levels of salt. One should either lug their pool water come a local professional, or if they must purchase their own tester the employee at The Pool manufacturing facility recommends the Solaxx Digital SafeDip Tester. The resource for your pool water might contain some salt levels currently and that is a an excellent idea to uncover out the level in which friend are starting prior come figuring out how much salt to include to her pool.

The SafeDip is a digital chemistry leader designed to make measuring swimming pool parameters easy. Simply collect the water sample indigenous the pool making use of the onboard cup and press the Start switch to take your measurement.

Solaxx SafeDip Digital Tester

It is important to constantly use salt produced swimming pools. Salt accessible at neighborhood pool and spa sellers will it is in the ideal for salt chlorine generators. Any type of high purity sodium Chloride Salt will work. Purity higher than 99% is recommended. It is usually accessible in 40-80lb bags and is the same product as food quality salt or water softener salt.




After distributing the salt evenly roughly the pool, use a pool brush to brush any piles the salt that might have built up.

When shop or algae construct up in details areas, periodically a swimming pool brush is the many reliable device at hand. Fits on standard telescopic poles.

Most over ground pools perform not have actually a main drain and also are limited to just the thru-wall skimmer. In order to have the benefit of the water leaving the pool with the floor, here is a an excellent trick:

Plug in friend vacuum water tap to the skimmer and leave a vacuum head on the floor of the pool UPSIDE DOWN.

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Vacuuming her vinyl lined swimming pool is a breeze v this specially designed vinyl liner vacuum head. Exactly weighted for effortless use, it leaves no trail at the pool bottom like various other vacuum heads.