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We guarantee you will receive your suite tickets with time for your event. In the exceptionally rare situation that you carry out not, us will market you an alternate option if easily accessible or we will refund girlfriend at the very least 100% the your full purchase price.If the event is canceled or if fans space no longer permitted, you may select to obtain a complete refund or a credit in the direction of a future SEG purchase.If the event date changes, friend will obtain the suite you purchased because that the brand-new date.Some listings are further safeguarded by a flexible Refund policy which allows you to receive a complete refund for any reason as lengthy as you contact us at the very least 21 days prior to the occasion date.

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Madison Square Garden Suite Prices and also Details

How lot do Madison Square Garden suites cost?

Madison Square Garden high-end suite prices selection from $4,000 to $50,000 depending on the kind of event being held. NHL and NBA gamings can range between $6,000-$23,000 if the highest demand concerts have the right to exceed $30,000. Signature Level suites regularly represent the best value on a per-ticket basis.
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How many guests can fit in a Madison Square Garden suite?

Madison Square Garden deluxe suites deserve to hold in between 8 and 34 guests depending on suite level and type. Lexus Level Suites come with 18 tickets contained while Signature Level Suites come v 17 tickets. Both suite levels allow the purchaser to add an additional four was standing room suite tickets.

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Suite levels at Madison Square Garden

Lexus Level Suite

18 Tickets
Food & Beverage had
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Lexus Level Suite Details

The Lexus Suite Level is located above the reduced bowl, 25 rows over the floor. Suites amenities include a personal in-suite restroom, premium catering menu, HDTV\"s, and accessibility to a personal VIP Entrance. Suites on the Lexus Level have the right to accommodate 12-22 guests.

To book a Lexus Level Suite

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Signature Level Suite

17 Tickets
Food & Beverage contained
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Signature Level Suite Details

The Signature Suite Level is suspended in ~ the upper bowl. That is located one level over the Lexus Suite Level. These suites occupy just one side of the arena. Suite amenities function a exclusive in-suite restroom, HDTV\"s, lounge seating, and also a premium catering menu. Because that sporting events, Signature Level Suites market an end/baseline check out of the action. Because that concerts, the suites have a a direct stage-facing view. Signature Level Suites have the right to accommodate teams of 12-21.

To book a Signature Level Suite

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Event Level Suite

8 Tickets
Food & Beverage had
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Event Level Suite Details

Located on the Delta private Jets event Suite Level, these suites space the many exclusive premium choice in the arena. Event Suites are situated on ice/court level and number just 20 in total.The suite configuration features lower bowl seats in addition to a personal bunker-suite/lounge tucked under the seating concourse. The enclosed bunker-suite is finish with a bar, kitchenette, dining room table, and also fireplace. Simply steps outside of the secret suite are exclusive stadium seats because that each member the the group. Other event Suite amenities include a personal in-suite restroom, VIP Entrance, and also plenty that comfortable lounge seating. Occasion Level Suites can accommodate teams of 8-13.

To book an occasion Level Suite

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Madison Square Garden event Planning guide


In-suite catering is obtainable for all private suites at Madison Square Garden. Most suite rentals include a an easy food and also beverage package (including beer, wine, liquor). Added items have the right to be to buy a-la-carte native the MSG suites catering menu or from her suite attendant throughout the event.
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Catering Details

The Madison Square Garden suite catering menu offers a wide variety of food and beverages. In the instances whereby catering is not contained in the price of the suite, the is common to spend roughly $100 per human for a full spread. Over there is no compelled minimum spend, despite it is customary to leave a guideline for your server.


Parking and Transportation

Madison Square Garden does no have any kind of on-site parking because that suite ticket holders. However, over there are plenty of parking garages in the instant vicinity that the arena. MSG is likewise easily obtainable via The lengthy Island Railroad, brand-new Jersey Transit, The PATH, and the 1, 2, 3, A, C, and E subway lines.


The price the a exclusive suite at MSG varies widely by event - native $5,000 come $50,000. As soon as budgeting for your suite in ~ MSG consider your goals for the event and note that corporate customers regularly prefer to organize suite events during the weeknight, leading to greater prices Monday-Thursday.

Club access

Fans with deluxe suite tickets have access to the society Bar and Grill. Situated on the Lexus Terrace Level, The society Bar and also Grill provides suite ticket holders a place to reap a fine dining enjoy the meal or drink. Of course the most exclusive place to be at MSG is inside your very own private luxury box.

Dress code

Guests that the deluxe boxes in ~ Madison Square Garden gain the adaptability to undertake the attire of their choosing. For corporate events, dress is typically service casual to formal in the suites. For personal events, suite guests have tendency to dress much more casually. As soon as in doubt, questioning the host of your suite.

Venue Bag policy

Suite guests should pass v a metal detector before entering Madison Square Garden. All bags will be screened. Note that laptop computers are allowed but likewise subject to screening. MSG deluxe suites have actually a coat closet i m sorry is suitable location come store any type of bags or winter jackets during the game.


Madison Square Garden has actually 2 VIP gateways for luxury suite guests. The southern VIP Entrance and North VIP enntrance gate which are located at the 31st Street and 33rd Street gates in the MSG lobby respectively. Both gateways will enable for expedited access to her private luxury box.

Child Ticket plan

All youngsters over the period of 1 will call for a ticket to acquire admission come Madison Square Garden and to access the suites. Family members often find that the comfort of a high-end suite affords a much more relaxing and secure environment to clock the video game with younger children.

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Madison Square Garden

New York rangers
Madison Square Garden

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Madison Square Garden / Suite Map and Seating Chart
The seating chart listed below shows where the suites at Madison Square Garden space located.

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Luxury Suite Costs

What determines exactly how much a suite costs?

Suite pricing varies widely based on a variety of variables including league, city, team, opponent, time that day, day of week, and also suite location.

Day that Week: In general, suites can be slightly much more expensive during weekdays (Monday through Thursday) due to the fact that those work are best for corporations come entertain their clients in a suite.

League: NFL suites room the many expensive by due to the fact that of the restricted number of gamings (8 home games per team).

Suite Location: While just being in a suite is typically seen together the most desirable and also luxurious seat in the building, part stadiums and arenas have multiple suite levels. If this is the case, details clients space willing to pay a premium to be in a lower level suite that is closest to the activity on the field. We will offer you details ~ above suite ar as we carry out you with availability for the game you desire.

Does it pay to wait to book a suite till closer to the event?

With continual tickets, prices will frequently drop in the job leading approximately a game. If every when in a when the very same occurs with suites, in general, pricing does no drop prior to the game. In fact, since of the very restricted availability of high-end suites, the is recommend to publication a suite well in advance, together suites are often not obtainable at the last minute. In addition, in coordinating occasions for larger teams (suites can hold up to 20 guest or more), it is often necessary to provide guests a much longer lead time to check their availability to attend.

Are there additional expenses I should consider?

If you are hosting guests in your suite, take into consideration allocating enough budget plan to order catering for your suite. Catering is typically not contained in the price that the suite. Suite Experience group clients commonly spend between $1,000-$2,000 for catering, through some client spending even much more if lock order far-ranging amounts of alcohol.

Are there discounts if ns buy multiple games at once?

Some clients purchase multiple suites in multiple venues in ~ one time. Suite Experience team can carry out special package pricing because that clients who buy three or more suites at one time.

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How have the right to I maximize mine budget?

If you room working within a budget and trying come maximize your spend, we would certainly welcome an chance to further talk about your purposes for the event and also the various options available to you. Please speak to us in ~ 800-592-7043 or fill the end this kind to get started. Us look front to the possibility to assist you check out your options in renting a high-end suite.

Suite Experience group brings you access to luxury suites in ~ sporting events and also concerts top top a game-by-game or concert-by-concert basis. We have actually luxury suites in the finest sports and also concert venues in the country, and make it easy for friend to rent them one video game or concert at a time. Each high-end box has the best amenities, VIP parking passes, and also premium catering options. Be sure to call us about luxury suites in ~ the NFL at sight Bowl, MLB people Series, NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Championship, NCAA march Madness, College key Games, Playoffs, and also all other major sporting events.