He is handsome, talented and often funny. Scott Caan has been exhilaration in the Hollywood scene v confidence and also style. His physical features make countless women drool, however he is a happy family man. I m really sorry ladies! back he comes from a household whose patriarch is additionally an actor, that has controlled to develop a surname for self independently. Read on come learn amazing facts around the man.

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Profile summary

Name: Scott Andrew Caan (commonly known as Scott Caan)Date that birth: 23rd august 1976Place of birth: Los Angeles, CaliforniaSun sign: VirgoMother: Sheila RyanFather: James CaanSiblings: Tara, Alexander, Jacob, James (all half-siblings)Famous household members: Ronnie Caan (producer)Ethnicity: German-JewishHeight: 5 feet and 5 inchesHair colour: BlondeProfession: Actor, director, photographer, author

Childhood and education

Scott’s parents, James Caan and Sheila Ryan obtained a divorce when their kid was just one year old. Subsequently, Scott flourished up shuttling in between his parents that both wanted to spend top quality time v him. That reported that he was a cheeky young young who frequently got into trouble. In ~ first, the primarily concentrated on sporting activities as protest to acting. Today, he credits his father because that his success. That praises his hands-on method as he carried Scott up. James take it a 5-year rest from his acting career to to visit his son’s league games.


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Scott was enrolled in ~ the Beverly Hills High institution where he studied alongside Angelina Jolie. He and also Jolie later worked together in the film gone in 60 seconds. The then sought an acting course in ~ Playhouse West in Los Angeles.

As a teenager, the future star emerged an interest in music. He and also his friend The Alchemist developed the hip-hop duo well-known as The Whooliganz. His alias at the moment was mad Skillz if his music partner’s nickname to be Mudfoot. Together, they released the single Put your Handz Up. The duo would later get in into a contract through Tommy young Records, but their music job did not occupational out together anticipated.

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_scottcaanSource: Instagram

Scott Caan height and weight

Scott is of quick stature. The Scott Caan height is 5 feet and also 5 inches. His weight is 64 kgs. He has maintained a fit develop over the years by being physically active. He frequently goes surfing and also practices his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to keep fit. He has actually blond hair the is always slicked back.


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Career path

Scott very first appeared in front of the camera as an actor in 1995. He play several small roles in various movies such as A Boy dubbed Hate. In 1996, he was in Star Struck. Together a self-critical person, the was no comfortable with his performance. He thus enrolled at Playhouse West, Los Angeles to seek acting. After that, he came earlier as a much better actor. In 1997, the was cast in the film i do not have anything by Gregg Araki and in 1998, he appeared in Bongwater.

It was in 1998 the he scored his very first hit together an actor. He played a supporting duty in the film opponent of the State that was directed by Tony Scott. In 1999, the featured in Varsity Blues wherein he additionally got a an extremely warm reception. At this point, he to be recognised as a strong-minded yet humorous actor. He was then sought come play duties in 2000’s Boiler Room, Rumble and also Gone in 60 seconds.


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In 2001, he starred in the remake of Ocean’s Eleven by Steven Soderbergh, outlaws and also Novocaine. In 2002, he starred together James Franco in the film Sonny by director Nicolas Cage. The following year, he command the movie Dallas 362. In 2004, he play Turk Malloy in Ocean’s Twelve. He additionally played supporting duties in 2005’s into the Blue and also Friends with Money by Nicole Holofcener in 2006. In the same year, he command The Dog Problem, and in 2007, he directed the movie Ocean’s Thirteen.

In 2004, that recurrently featured in Entourage. Scott has actually been starring together Danny \"Danno\" Williams in the collection Hawaii Five-0 since 2010. Together an actor, that has cut out his name together the brief corky character who takes on difficult roles.

Over the years, Scott has end up being a sought-after photographer. He obtained his photography skills under the mentorship of Phil Parmet. His father James showed support for his attention in photography by gifting him through a Nikon FE because that his birthday. James had received the camera native Francis Ford Coppola. In 2001, the authored and published the book Scott Caan Photographs Volume 1. He is additionally a black color belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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Scott Caan injury

In his acting career, Scott has actually suffered some injuries. In 2010, that underwent knee surgery adhering to an ACL injury. The scriptwriters and producers worked about it by make it appear that his on-screen companion O’Loughlin to be responsible for the damage. In 2017, he suffered an additional injury and appeared ~ above his display with a actors on his arm. Again, the scriptwriters wrote the injury as part of the plot. It was not shown whether or no the 2nd injury developed during filming.

_scottcaanSource: Instagram

Awards and recognitions

In 1998, the actor was nominated come the CineVegas global Film festival for his function in The critical Resort. In 2003, that bagged a difference in the exact same festival. In 2013, he got various nominations for his duty in Hawaii Five-0. In the same year, the TV guides Awards honoured him for favorite Bromance for his personality in Hawaii Five-0.

Scott Caan network worth

Scott has remained in the entertainment industry for a an extremely long time. Native his exhilaration jobs, he has actually earned a substantial chunk that money. His net salary every month indigenous his varied careers is surprise from the public. However, it is noticeable that that is a well-off person. There space speculations the his network worth is about $16 million.

Is Scott Caan married?

Scott is yet to tie the node officially. He, however, has actually a permanent girlfriend that he began seeing in 2013. He and girlfriend Kacy Byxbee announced the they were expecting their very first child in 2014. On the ninth of July the very same year, your daughter to be born. The pair named her Josie James. The Scott Caan family, though small, is a really happy and also close-knit one. In the future, we hope the Kacy graduates to gift Scott Caan wife.


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Image: twitter.com,
RealscottAcaanSource: Twitter


Scott loves to perform voluntary work. The is an active volunteer in the organisation Surfers Healing the teaches kids with autism how to surf. That has additionally volunteered to job-related with Life rolls On, A to walk on Water and TheraSURF.


During his leisure time, Scott enjoys travelling, surfing and listening to great music. He likewise enjoys security time through his family and friends.

Social media

While he has actually social media pages, Scott is not an avid society media user. His Twitter account
RealscottAcaan has actually over 6.2k followers and also last sent a tweet in 2016. His Instagram account has around 36.4k followers. This is his most energetic social media account. That does not seem to have a an individual verified on facebook account, however the Scott Caan on facebook Fan page that that does not control has end 16k likes.

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Scott Caan is best known because that his function of Danny in Hawaii Five-0. That has remained in the acting industry for plenty of years and credits his father, gibbs James Caan for his success. He is not just an actor yet a director, one author and a photographer as well. Scott is additionally a father to one beautiful daughter. Us wish this multi-gifted actor an ext success in all his future endeavours.


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