Gloria Marie James has got fame as the mom of legend NBA star, Lebron James. She raised her boy as a single mother due to the fact that she to be still a teenager after ~ his organic father who is also an ex-convict, Anthony McClelland, to be no much longer there soon after he impregnated her. Although no easy, she to be still able come raise the into coming to be one of the greatest basketball football player of every time.

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Gloria Marie is golden in her very own ways, back she tho has few controversies that complied with her end the years. She is rather popular also though there space still a most unknown things around her. Here are some:

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Biography of Gloria Marie James

Gloria Marie James was born ~ above 04 February 1968 in Akron, Ohio. That was likewise where she was brought up and although she started her high college education, she did not graduate because she gained pregnant on the way. There is no document that she went earlier to school.

She was carried up by her mom Freda James alongside 2 brothers, Curt and Terry James. However, there is no information detailed about the dad of Gloria. Once she was 19, she shed her mother and so she to be left with not only the responsibility of caring for both she kid and also her brothers.

Details girlfriend Didn’t Know about LeBron James’ Mom

LeBron and also Gloria Marie James- Instagram

1. She had actually Lebron James when she was 16

Gloria Marie James was just 16 year old as soon as she had her first and just son, LeBron James. Return a variety of men later on came out to case to be the biological fathers the Lebron, it was later created that Gloria took in for Anthony McClelland.

She was still a high school student in ~ the time, and so she had to drop the end to take treatment of her young child in addition to the help of her mother.

2. Gloria kept moving from one apartment to the next

When LeBron to be 3 and also his mom was 19, Freda James passed away from a love attack, leaving she to take fee of the home alongside she older brother. Without a stable task or any resource of income, she kept moving with she son and also brothers native one apartment to the next, which means that her boy would need to keep an altering school, and also at a point, that was compelled to remain away for a while.

3. She has actually never been married

As stated, LeBron James’s mother had actually him when she was still a teenager. Due to the fact that then, she has actually only focused on elevating her kid. Back she has involved be in a few relationships, she has actually still never ever been married.

More so, Lebron still stays as her just son, back the basketball star has an alleged half-brother native his father, Aaron McClelland Gamble. As with James, Aaron was elevated by his mother, and also the two brothers are stated not to have actually the ideal of relationships.

She is the mother-in-law of Savannah and the grandm of Bronny, Bryce and also Zhuri- LeBron’s wife and also children respectively.

4. She was once allegedly engaged to Da actual Lambo

Da actual Lambo and also Gloria James (Image Source)

Inasmuch together she has actually never to be married, Gloria Marie James was when in a relationship with Da genuine Lambo, a Miami-based rapper. The two were connected to each other in 2013. Back there were no records that the two were ever before married, the rapper when referred come her together his wife while they were living together and in a video in i beg your pardon he endangered LeBron James.

Their partnership did not last a an extremely long time before the NBA star make his mommy break up through Lambo after that uncovered the rapper cheating ~ above her. Itas in retaliation the the rapper do a video clip threatening LeBron the he to be going to expose him for acting prefer he to be perfect and coming in between him and also his “wife”. He additionally claimed that James had an affair with Beyonce and also that to be why the singer was not invited to his wedding. The rapper likewise claimed James had actually a mystery child through Sharon Reed.

5. There were rumors the she had actually something through Delonte West

In the 2009/2010 season, there to be the rumor which went wild, claiming that Gloria Marie James had actually something to perform with the then-teammate of she son, Delonte West who later acquired married to Caressa Suzzette.

Although there were those that felt the rumor was not true, former NBA star Calvin Murphy revealed the his resource claimed in the team revealed that it was in reality true, and that was what brought about James’ horrible performance throughout the Celtics vs. Cavaliers series. A year later, Delonte to be off come Celtics on a one-year transaction worth $1 million.

6. Her kid is very dedicated to her

Even much more than Basketball, LeBron James is completely committed to his mother. The revealed that his devotion and dedication to she is because he has watched together she struggled to lug him increase into ending up being the man he is, and also because all through, she was always committed to him.

In addition to that, she was always available and do the efforts to administer for her son that LeBron James never ever asked his mommy who his dad was.

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7. The network worth of Gloria James

Mainly in the spotlight for the exceptional exploits of she son, the exact net precious of Gloria James is no known. What is known, however, is the her LeBron who is just one of the best in the world of basketball has actually a network worth of over $450 million together of 2020.

Complete profile of Gloria Marie James 

Gloria Marie James
Full NameGloria Marie James
Date the BirthFebruary 4, 1968
Age52 years
Zodiac SignAquarius
Birth place Akron, Ohio, united States
EthnicityAfrican-American (Black)
ProfessionAmerican socialite
Father NA
Mother Freda James
Siblings Curt James, terrycloth James
Marital StatusSingle
Spouse/Partner NA
BoyfriendDa genuine Lambo
KidsLeBron James
Estimated network Worth:NA
Source of net worthNA
HeightFeet – 5ft 5inchesMeters –(1.60m)
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Social mediaTwitterFacebook