The 100 stick popsicle bridge difficulty is on. This Howe Truss bridge offers 99 popsicle sticks, spans 21 inches, and holds 200+ pounds. It’s performance score is 678. This is an updated version of my old “Popsicle Bridge #3” which was the exact same length, however slightly various in construction.

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This bridge was constructed from totally un-modified popsicle sticks, Level 1 sorted. I provided only Elmer’s White glue to sign up with the sticks together. To test the bridge’s strength I increased the ends up off the ground with wood blocks, and put complimentary weights from a weight collection on peak of the bridge. I did my finest to save the weights centered over the bridge and to place them down gently, and also I perform not think the bridge broke because of the approach of testing.

These 3 photos display the progression of the bridge breaking. Watch the left side as it starts to fail.

Slow Motion of the Bridge Breaking




My conclusion based upon these photos is that the lateral bracing on the left side popped off from the side of the bridge closest to you in the photo. This led to those angled popsicle sticks to twist, and also the bottom chord starts to twist a small too. I think it was a glue joint that came loose and also started the chain reaction. The angled sticks on the ends might not have been perfectly also and also square via each other, which would have led to a weaker joint.

The various other possibility is a weak popsicle stick, which began to fail and then brought the rest of the bridge dvery own through it. I only offered a level 1 type for these popsicle sticks, so this is possible.



Here we have a swarm of the bridge holding some weights. Also you will certainly watch the evaluation of this Howe Truss Bridge as shown by the complimentary Bridge Designer regime. This photo shows just how the pressures were spread out on the bridge at the time it failed. Notice how the forces are concentrated much higher in the middle of the top and also bottom chords, as well as on the end angled members. This supports my assumed that the left side angled members would certainly have actually failed initially. They were under an extremely significant load.

So now you have seen the video, and also the photo proof. How carry out you think the bridge broke first? What would you carry out to make this bridge better? Keep in mind that I was building under a 100 stick limit constraint.

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Build this Howe Truss Bridge

If you are interested, you have the right to purchase the blueprints to develop this bridge in my store, and also you can also buy a complete kit to construct this bridge.