In a geographical area, the temperature will certainly be various from time to time relying on the influence factors such as climate change, geographical location, etc. Temperature amplitude is a unit supplied to calculation the change. That temperature through day, month or year, in between seasons, ... So the calculation What is temperature amplitude? how high is the temperature range? What room the common types of temperature amplitudes? Please describe the write-up below.

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What is temperature amplitude?

Temperature amplitude is one of the vital climatic factors, used to measure the difference in between the highest and also lowest temperature in the very same geographical area end a certain duration of time (one day, one month). Or a year, ...)

Annual temperature range

How to calculation the temperature amplitude

As the principle above, we quickly know exactly how to calculate the temperature amplitude as follows:

A = Tmax - Tmin


A: amplitude the the temperature end the time period to be calculated, unit of measure up oCTmax: highest temperature in the compelled time period, unit of measure up oCTmin: the lowest temperature in the time period to be calculated, unit of measure oC

Factors affect temperature amplitude

The temperature amplitude is calculated based on the temperature however the temperature is influenced by numerous factors such as climatic conditions, geographical location of the area, impacts of terrain, time that survey, ...

Climate map

Such as:

In different regions, the temperature amplitude will certainly also adjust differently due to the fact that each region is affected by different climate and topography.The northern coastal area has the smallest temperature amplitude in February, March and also April oC (this is approximately the rainy season in the phibìc the difference in temperature is negligible now), v the highest possible temperature range being in October, November, with 10 oCThe Northwest an ar with the greatest temperature selection up come 15 oCThe central Highlands an ar has a huge temperature range. During the dried season, the highest temperature amplitude is 16oC, and in the rainy season that is in between 7 and 8oC

Some common types of temperature amplitudes

What we watch most conveniently is the temperature selection by day, month or pure temperature range

Temperature amplitude through day

The day-to-day temperature variety is calculated based on the weather state of that day, the temperature normally reaches its greatest level at 13 o"clock (this time after ~ the soil absorbs the sun"s heat, it will start to emit the air ) and the shortest temperature is at sunrise.

Changes in temperature throughout the day

If the weather the day is sunny and also not much, climate the temperature amplitude will certainly be high, however if the is cloudy or rainy, otherwise the temperature selection will be low.

In the phibìc of our country, the highest possible temperature variety is in summer, late autumn and also early winter.

Calculating the amplitude the internal warm will be very beneficial for cultivation as well as implementing preservation techniques for plants such together potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, ...

Temperature amplitude affects cultivation

Average monthly temperature amplitude

Is the difference in average greatest temperature and also lowest typical temperature in a month

A (TBT) = Tmax (TBT) - Tmin (TBT)


A (TBT): monthly average temperature range.Tmax (TBT): average highest temperature in the monthTmax (TBT): average lowest temperature in the month

Calculation of annual average: similar to the monthly average, the annual average temperature amplitude is calculate by the difference in between the highest possible average temperature of a month in a year and the mean lowest temperature that a month in a year.

Average monthly temperature range of HCMC

The monthly typical temperature selection varies with the greatest value in summer and also lowest in winter.

In our country, in the North: typical temperature variety of month Max in autumn and early winter

Based on the mean monthly temperature range, we have the right to recommend crops that are perfect for temperature problems or have actually reasonable watering farming options.

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From the over information, we deserve to know What is temperature amplitude? The difference in temperature amplitude between years, seasons, ... In different geographical locations such as between continent and also ocean, in between mountainous and also plain, ... V the over article bYou have know just how to calculate yearly mean temperature amplitude, tCrotch…

It have the right to be viewed that the change in temperature amplitude affects the reproduction and advancement of organisms, for this reason that ideal agricultural development measures and also applications have the right to be proposed. .

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