Seen those floating gift in animal Crossing: new Horizons? Pop that balloon and also claim her prize!


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If you"ve watched a floating current in pet Crossing: new Horizons, drifting past your island high above you, it might seem favor a devilish prank.

But really it"s who trying to give you a small gift, you simply need come know how to get balloon presents down to the ground and enjoy your prize. Here"s just how to acquire your hands on floating gift in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons.

How to obtain floating presents in animal Crossing: new Horizons

Don"t despair, just gain that floating present down with one basic trick!

Floating presents appear randomly sailing previous your island in animal Crossing: new Horizons, for this reason don"t miss out on your opportunity to acquire them. Every you should pop the balloon and send the gift under to earth is a slingshot! You deserve to buy a Slingshot indigenous Resident services for 900 bells, or you can get the blueprint because that it for 300 bells. But to develop the slingshot you"ll require 5 hardwood, i m sorry is pretty difficult to get. Very first you"ll need to craft yourself an axe and also then smash some trees about your island until one of them offers you some hardwood rather of softwood.

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Whether girlfriend buy the slingshot fully or craft it to conserve some bells, you"ll then need to shoot down the balloon. The best method to shoot down the balloon is to see which way it"s drifting over your island and also then stand directly under it. The balloon"s shadow on the ground must help, stand just in former of it and use the slingshot come shoot directly upwards. If you gain it ideal down comes a present just because that you!

Watch the end though, due to the fact that presents can loss into rivers, lakes, ponds or the sea and be shed forever! for this reason be mindful when make the efforts to obtain floating presents in pet Crossing: new Horizons. For any other help with your new island life, check out some of our various other guides.