FAST & thorough method to Sea Salt your ship Piercing

You"ll love this tip, many thanks goes to Courtney, a valued customer whose father is a human body piercer and wanted come share this pointer with us.

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1. Mix her sea salt and warm water systems (right) right into a little shot glass.

2. Grab a towel and also lay the some wherein lifwynnfoundation.orgfortable.

3. Lean her body over the glass, and also press your tummy firmly around the glasses edge to produce a suction.

4. Continue to hold the glass in place and lay under on your ago (resting ~ above the towel incase of any type of leaks).

5. Allow the salt equipment to flip and lifwynnfoundation.orgpletely fill your navel.

6. Soak for 2 - 5 minutes depending upon how lot time you have actually available, the an ext severe the infection the much longer we relifwynnfoundation.orgmend soaking.

7. Thoroughly dry your piercing and also jewellery.

Sea Salt Soaking through a noodle Ball

The below can be excellent in the bath or shower.

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1. Soak a cotton round in the solution and also squeeze the liquid from the cotton round so it operation over your piercing.

2. Continue for approximately 5 minutes.

3. Thoroughly dry your piercing and also jewellery.


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