Jute is a stylish, durable, all-natural material. Jute rugs can help take any setting to the following level, even if it is it’s the bedroom or life room in your home. Freshen increase any an are with a jute rug, make of product that is soft underfoot. 

Another advantage of jute? It’s fairly easy to maintain. Dirt doesn’t cling to jute’s hard fibers — that rests loosely on the weave. When properly cared for, jute rugs will certainly last friend a lengthy time. If you’re wondering just how to clean jute rugs, keep reading for our peak tips and tricks.

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Spills Happen... However Don"t have to Stain

By now, you might be wondering: are jute rugs straightforward to clean? Cleaning her jute rug, or any natural-fiber rug, isn’t an overwhelming — however it is various from keeping a synthetic alternative. Jute rugs space a an excellent option because that most locations of your home however remember: they room not well-suited because that high-moisture locations (A.K.A - steer clear of bathrooms).

Can You obtain Jute Rugs Wet?

When it concerns jute, water is only your girlfriend in small doses. Drenching or hosing down your jute rug might lead to more damage. Instead, shot these tricks:

Spot clean Jute Rugs

An effective method for cleaning your jute rug is the spot cleaning method. Here’s how it works: 

Press firmly right into your rug through clean, white record or cloth towels immediately after the spill takes place, functioning from the external of the pour out inward to protect against spreading. Proceed blotting — blot, execute not rub — till no moisture transfers come the towel.For solid spills, scrape up solids v a dull knife or nail file. Then follow step # 1.For red wine and also tomato sauce, dab v a white cloth dampened with club soda to neutralize the spill and also remove any possible stain.

How come Spot Clean Jute Rugs v a dried Cleaning Powder

Before using the carpet cleaner, test it top top a non-conspicuous spot of your jute rug.Brush the dry carpet cleaner v the jute rug in every directions.After brushing, load the area with another handful of the dried carpet cleaner.Wait until the area is fully dry. Because that wet spills, this may take overnight. The carpet cleaner will certainly lighten to a pale, gold color as that dries. As soon as dry, vacuum your jute rug thoroughly. 

No issue what come in contact with your jute rug, it’s essential to regulate the quantity of moisture it meet as best you can — especially throughout cleaning. You need to never heavy steam clean, usage wet shampoo, or wash your jute rug — and don’t use any type of other an approach that entails water saturation ~ above a natural fiber rug, either. Us recommend that you use a dry cleaning process, favor the host Cleaning Kit discussed above.



Sometimes ours furry friends decision to make execute on the carpet floor. Nothing worry; when you have a jute rug, you can easily clean urine, feces, and vomit from its surface. This is how: 

Urine. Blot increase as lot of the point out as feasible by pushing firmly through clean, white paper or towel towels, functioning from the outside of the clues inward to avoid spreading. To neutralize odor, mix ¼ cup that white vinegar with ¼ cup that water. Alternately dab a bath towel dampened in the solution with a dried towel. Then, monitor spot cleaning directions. If the odor remains, try sprinkling baking soda ~ above the rug and let that sit overnight. This should help absorb any kind of lingering odors.Feces or vomit. Scrape up any type of excess functioning from the exterior of the point out inward to prevent spreading. Then, follow the procedure for spot cleaning. 

How to Clean the Border the a Jute Rug

For regime maintenance of tied jute area rugs through woven cotton, canvas, or linen borders, vacuum the edge carefully. Nothing let your vacuum sit on height of the binding or catch the edge of the rug. These missteps can damage the rug’s binding.

We introduce vacuuming in the direction that the binding is sewn, so as not to pull the binding away from the rug. Do not usage a beater bar when vacuuming. 

If too much soiling or spills occur on the binding, our Sisal Life Cleaner point out remover functions well come clean points quickly. To keep one of our premium leather bindings, merely wipe the surface ar with a damp (not wet) fabric or sponge, or use a leather cleaner and also conditioner.

How to maintain Jute Rugs

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the best method to treatment for your jute rug. Visible, loose dirt need to be vacuumed v a solid suction vacuum. Do not usage a beater bar. Vacuum her rug from different directions, passing over the area numerous times.

Although the need might not be visible, frequent and also regular vacuuming will increase your jute rug’s life by avoiding soil build-up. It will certainly also help eliminate stains resulted in when flood liquids dissolve and also soil accumulates.

Apply light Dampening

If exposed come dryness or low humidity, use minimum humidity by spraying, clean mopping, damp brushing, or making use of any an equipment that offers a light and even applications of clean water. 

This light dampening can assist eliminate minor bubbling and looseness, as it’s common for carpet come tighten up slightly as it dries. Don’t worry, jute rugs dried quickly. Under no problems should her jute carpet it is in saturated. If drenched, her jute rug deserve to take ~ above undesirable dimensional changes and can stain native the various dyes in the underlay. 

Make sure your jute rug is vacuumed and also clean prior to applying any amount of moisture, because dirt in the matting can stain if it it s okay wet and then dissolves.

Use a cloth Protector

We recommend you treat all organic fiber area rugs — consisting of jute — through our Sisal Life Protector, which helps to diminish absorbance and also lengthen the time between cleanings. We can apply the protector because that you, or you deserve to purchase a 22-ounce, “Do-It-Yourself” Sisal Life Protector spray bottle. Ours protector is one acrylic polymer fabric and also textile protector, favor Scotch safety — yet for organic fibers. 

Natural fibers and other fabrics treated through this protector will certainly repel water and also resist essentially all cold fluid spills, and even oily soil. Our protector does no contain any Ozone-depleting chemicals. 

We very recommend treating herbal fiber rugs through our protector to guard against spills and also increase the life of your jute rugs. Applying Sisal Life Protector cannot guarantee the your jute rugs will never stain, but it will alleviate the possibilities if a spill occurs.

Treat curled Rug Corners

When you use jute area rugs in your home, hotel, or various other space, constant foot traffic, shuffling, and luggage can reason the rug’s edge to curl. The problem is easy to fix. Merely dampen the cut area and also weigh it down evenly overnight.

If her jute rug is severely curled, it might be important to repeat this procedure multiple times. To further prevent cut edges, think about stocking up on one more one of ours products, curl Stop. Curl avoid is an anti-curling rug mechanism safe for all floors, the helps store rug corners flat.

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Stain, Stain … walk Away!

Jute rugs room a stylish, durable, and sustainable alternative for your home or hospitality space. By following these tips and also tricks, taking proper care of her jute rug is easy. Do this job-related regularly, making use of the suitable materials, to keep the longevity of her jute rug. 

Jute rugs are straightforward to clean and maintain. If you want a jute rug for your house or business (or require a replacement), discover our collection of tradition jute area rugs.