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exactly how to download a CD/DVD drive in a computer

Here"s the proper an approach to install an ATA-basedoptical drivein a desktop computer computer using a Phillips screwdriver.

Power down the pc completely. After the computer has safely close up door down, turn off the inner power by flipping the switch on the back of the power supply and also removing the AC power cord.

Open the computer to download the CD or DVD drive. The an approach for opening the situation varies depending upon your computer system model. Many use a panel or door on the next of the computer. Older computers may need you to eliminate the entire cover. Eliminate and collection aside any kind of screws that fasten the cover or dashboard to the computer case and then eliminate the cover.

Remove the drive slot cover. Most computer caseshave several slots forexternal drives but only use a few. Any type of unused drive slot has a covering that avoids dust indigenous entering the computer. Eliminate the 5.25-inch drive slot cover by pushing tabs one of two people on the inside or outside of the case. Periodically a cover might be screwed into the case.

Set the principle drive mode. Many CD and also DVD cd driver for desktop computers usage the ide interface, which enables for two gadgets on a solitary cable. Place each device on the cable right into the proper mode. One journey is the primary, and also the other drive is the secondary. One or more jumpers on the earlier of the drive usually handle this setting. Consult the documentation or diagrams ~ above the journey for the location and settings.

If you plan to install the CD/DVD journey on an existing cable, collection the journey to the second mode. If the drive will certainly reside ~ above an principle cable alone, collection it to the main mode.

You may likewise run right into some drives that use SCSI or SATA cable connections, too. While these are less common, if you have actually one of these drives, be certain to select the appropriate options.

Place the CD/DVD drive into the computer. The an approach for installing the drive varies depending upon the case. The two typical methods because that installing a drive room either through drive rails or straight into the drive cage.

Drive Rails: position the journey rails on the side of the drive and also fasten the rails with screws. When you place the journey rails ~ above both political parties of the drive, slide the drive and also rails into the suitable slot. Affix the journey rails, so the drive is flush through the instance when you totally insert it.Drive Cage: slide the drive right into the slot in the case, for this reason the journey bezel is flush v the computer case. Close the drive to the computer instance by put screws into the appropriate slots or holes.

Attach the inner audio cable. To usage CD/DVD drives to hear to music, the audio signal from the CD drive need to route come the computer audio solution. Typically, a small two-wire cable through a conventional connector handles this. Plug this cable right into the back of the CD/DVD drive. Then, plug the other finish into one of two people a pc audio map or motherboard relying on the computer's audio setup. Lastly, plug the cable right into the connector labeled together CD Audio.

Attach the CD/DVD drive to the computer using an ide cable. Usually, the drive resides secondary to the hard drive. If so, find the totally free connector top top the ide ribbon cable in between the computer and the tough drive, climate plug it into the drive. If the drive will certainly be ~ above its very own cable, attach the concept cable to the motherboard and one of the other connectors that the cable right into the CD/DVD drive.

Plug the drive right into the power supply. Locate one that the 4-pin Molex connectors indigenous the power supply and insert it right into the power connector ~ above the CD/DVD drive.

After you install the drive, near the computer. Change the dashboard or cover come the computer system case. Close the cover or dashboard to the situation using the screws you collection aside once you gotten rid of the cover.

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The computer system should immediately detect and use the brand-new drive. Due to the fact that CD and also DVD drives are standardized, friend shouldn't need to install any particular drivers. Top the instruction hands-on that came through the drive for instructions because that your specific operating system.