Bone in chicken chest is regularly less expensive than the boneless, skinless chicken. You deserve to save money by taking the skin off and also taking the bones the end yourself. Clock the video below come see exactly how to debone a chicken breast.

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It’s much easier to do than you could think.

I usually purchase boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Castle are basic to make into freezer meals. They are quick to cut up or grill since it isn’t much you need to do through them. And also less managing of raw meat is far better in mine book.

I hate taking care of raw meat. Yuck!

But as soon as I discover a great deal on split chicken breasts, the cheaper next of me always wants a deal, I purchase them and procedure the separation chicken breasts myself.

It really isn’t tough at all. And also when you are done, you have actually bones to use to do chicken share too. So you have the right to really get your money worth.


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What You’ll should Debone a Chicken Breast

A sharp Knife, i love my Victorinox knives. I use a 6-inch chefs knife to debone the chicken breasts. However they additionally have a 6-inch deboning knife too. If you have dull knives and also no means to sharpen them i love this little sharpener. That cheap and works really well.

A cutting Mat, you can obtain these plastic cutting carpet at the dollar shop or in ~ Amazon. I’ve had actually a set of two for years now. I prefer them due to the fact that they space a an excellent size. I have the right to put the chicken that is done off to the next on the cutting board and also still have room come work.

Chicken you will certainly need break-up chicken breast. I found a an excellent deal on lock this trip. Castle were only $.88/lb. Ns haven’t viewed that price in rather a while. Ns hoping it will come around much more often.

Two species of separation Breasts

In the video clip below, ns talk around two types of separation chicken breasts. As soon as the breasts space split, over there is half with a bigger bone and also a fifty percent without that bone. The bigger main bone goes with one of them and one doesn’t have the huge bone indigenous the middle.

I display in the video below exactly how to debone both species since the is tricky getting about that bigger bone and not shedding as much meat.

I desire you to know of the differences so you don’t acquire frustrated trying come get roughly that item of bone.

How come Debone a Chicken Breast

Ok so currently let’s obtain down to acquisition those skeletal out. You have the right to leave the skin ~ above or take the skin off. In the video below I carry out it both ways. But I generally pull the skin off and then take it the skeleton out.

Here’s the video and I’ll have tips below….

Chicken Deboning Tips

Before you Work, setup Up your Workspace

If you room a germ-a-phobe like me you could want come cover your work surface. I place a class of newspaper top top the counter and then a class of plastic wrap. Then I put my cutting board on that. Clean increase is quick and also easy, all I need to do is choose it up and also throw it away.

I also sanitize the covered surface to it is in on the for sure side. It’s simply a quick and easy means to store your counter or table cleaner.

Get everything You Need and also Have come Close by

Once you have your workspace set up, it’s time to gather your tools. If you will do it be do broth set your pot or sluggish cooker the end so you have the right to drop the skeleton right right into the pot.

I choose to minimization the managing of the raw chicken therefore I like to have actually it all set to walk in its final place as soon as I acquire the bones out.

If you i will not ~ be do broth have a bag surrounding to ar the skin and also bones in come dispose of castle easily. Ns can’t store anything like this in the home trash as our dogs and also cat have actually learned exactly how to open up the cupboard and also get come the trash.

At my house, it’s much better to gain it chicken bones relocated out come the garbage as shortly as i’m done and also maybe that’s the very same at your house too.

Get your knife sharpened and also ready to go. If you missed it above I talk around my favorite knife and sharpener. I understand it’s basic to miss out on these things when you skim.


Prep the Chicken Breasts the method You Like

Once you have actually the skeleton removed, you space done or ready to prepare them because that the freezer. I choose to make freezer meals through mine. I make marinades and also put the chicken piece in to marinate in the freezer. Then every I have to do is thaw and also cook.

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So easy and also I don’t have to mess with the raw chicken again. Yay!

What carry out you think?…

Now that you know how to debone a chicken breast, is this something you will carry out the next time friend see break-up chicken breasts top top sale? I know I don’t acquisition them often but when I view a great price, i can’t happen up the little of job-related is worth the savings.

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