By using this Pokemon walk guide, fans can discover out how to evolve Magneton right into Magnezone to continue their Pokedex-filling journey.

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magneton pokemon go
Magneton is one Electric-type Pokemon that was an initial introduced in the first generation that the mainline Pokemon games. The evolves indigenous Magnemite and also it additionally has a 3rd evolution the was later brought into the 4th generation that games, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, and also that Pokemon is Magnezone.

for Pokemon GO players that are attempting to evolve your Magneton right into Magnezone, they"ll require to acquire their hands on a Magnetic tempt Module and also 100 Magneton Candy. Players can get more Candy by making your Magneton your Buddy Pokemon and walking roughly with it or simply acquire much more Magneton"s.

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when the tempt is put on a Pokestop, players have the right to go to their Magneton"s profile and also click the "Evolve" button. If sufficient Candy is gathered and also the player is was standing by the Pokestop, the Magneton will certainly evolve right into the powerful Electric/Steel-hybrid type Pokemon that is Magnezone. In Pokemon GO, its finest moves because that offense room Spark and also Wild Charge, when its ideal defensive moves are Charge Beam and Wild Charge. Players will need to be cautious when it pertains to facing off versus Ground, Fire, and Fighting-type monsters.

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Gen 4 Pokémon Magnezone

exactly how to obtain Magnetic tempt Module in Pokemon GO

Magnetic tempt Modules are provided in Pokemon GO come attract an ext Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. And like pointed out previously, this article can likewise be used to evolve particular Pokemon, such as Magneton and even Nosepass, which have the right to evolve right into Probopass -- a Rock/Steel-type Pokemon.

Players have the right to head on end to the Pokemon GO shop and purchase the Magnetic attract Module for 200 Pokecoins. The only way to acquire these coins there is no spending real-world money is by acquisition down regional gyms through your Pokemon and also keeping castle there because that as long as possible before gaining taken end by one more player. The course, players also have the choice to plop down some cold hard cash and skip out on the gym war if they to be to feel so inclined to do so.

As long as the module is inserted on a Pokestop, other players deserve to evolve their Magneton also or usage it to catch lots the Pokemon for fifty percent an hour. As of ideal now, Magneton and Nosepass are the just two Pokemon that have the right to evolve by making use of this method. Over time, there could potentially be various other Pokemon that also use this an approach in order come evolve.