From looking favor an chaste cow to death you by luring you like a pro murderer, sims 4 cow plant can not chill! 

Cowplants space interesting and also mysterious additions to TS4, and that is why the cowplant have the right to be one of the most complicated plants come locate, plant, and also take care of. Yet don’t worry, we are right here to help you out. 

This post contains every the cheat codes, easy methods to locate the plant, and also its maintenance. The last segment also discusses the CP death. So, make sure you check out this it rotates the end.

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Sims 4 Cow Plant

Sims 4 Cow plant

The S4 gardening activities are supervisor riveting. As you can produce personalized flora in the game, you likewise get to harvest a cow! They room a rare varieties and as such hard to find. So, prior to you start trying to find cowplant sims 4, find for a cowberry instead. Now, over there are countless ways you can see the seed, all of which are debated below.

Now, the Cp has three expansion stages, Horn, Stem, and then the Full-Grown plant. It have the right to be created at any gardening level, yet it is advised the you have some skill first. Once your Cowplant has completely matured, you will have the ability to have memorable, distinctive interactions v it, such as Play, Feed, Eat Cake, collect Sample, Milk and Pet. Keep in psychic that kids will only ever before have the Play interaction for the Cowplant and not adults.

How to gain cowplant sims 4?

There are four ways to acquire a Cowberry: Fishing, Digging, exploring space, and also Grafting. Let us look at every of lock separately:


The berries would be discovered through fishing in the Oasis Springs Desert Bloom Park’s watering hole. The seed can additionally be found in the forget Grotto, which may take a while. Another means to search for berries is in Magnolia Promenade, which is possible only if you have The Sims 4 obtain to Work. Since, fishes action as among the finest gardening chemicals, you will do be hitting two birds through a stone. 

Exploring the space

These can likewise be found while exploring the an are through a rocket, and the time you’re back, you can have a seed.

Digging for treasures 

The seeds can be situated in the digging spots, i m sorry you destruction for the treasures.


Your Sims must have level 7 gardening skills. Come graft a Cow plant, friend will have to do the following:

 Plant Snapdragon (standard) and Strawberry (uncommon).

Take Cuttings of every plant once they are grown enough.Graft one plant with the stem that another. This produces the Dragon fruit.

Plant a Snapdragon (standard) and Dragonfruit (rare).

Take Cuttings of every sapling once they room grown enough.Graft one plant with the stem that another. This to produce the Cowplant Berry.

Now, the easiest alternative is fishing for the berry. And once you’ve found the seed because that it, then every you have to do is tree the source like the same method you would produce any kind of other berry in the game.

Sims 4 cow tree cheat

If you don’t have actually the patience to graft plants and hope because that the best or go on a tourism to search for a cowplant, friend can find it in the game’s debug mode of build/buy mode.

What is Debug Mode?

Now, debug mode is a hidden area in build/buy that lets you accessibility all species of in-game items the you cannot accessibility in the traditional build/buy. In addition to recognize the CP, friend can find things choose empty cups, bowls, pots and pans, and a lot more.

How to accessibility Debug Mode?

Accessing debug setting is easy-peasy! You must follow this three-step process:

1. Fight Ctrl + shift + C to lug the cheat dialogue crate up.

2. Kind in testingcheats true and press enter.

3. Form in bb. Showhiddenobjects and press get in again.

Suppose you wish to departure the cheat dialogue box, struggle Esc-key on your keyboard. As soon as you’ve gone through the preceding process, kind “cowplant” in the find bar top top the left of the build/buy screen. When you do this, the sapling will be in its very first stage that life and take a couple of days to flourish into full-grown produce.

How to grow a cowplant sims 4?

Before girlfriend start farming the cowplant, you call for the cowberry seeds. The means to acquire it have been disputed above. 

Now, as soon as you’ve uncovered or harvest a cowplant berry, you can sow the in the soil or a large planter box as with you would for any kind of other plant.

Your character deserve to sow a cowplant at any type of gardening level, but it is best if you have a higher level prior to you try. Since you might experience one annoying circumstances of that failing come germinate if friend don’t have actually a little of skill. The step of its growth have to be mentioned over too. 

Now, the next step is taking care of the plant:

The most an essential point come remember is the these plants have to be fed every 12 hrs and. If you don’t, you’ll uncover the Cowplant sticking out a cake-shaped tongue in the hope of luring its following meal, her players! 

As disputed earlier, a grown plant’s perks display you some unique interactions: Feed, Eat, Cake, play, collection Samples, Milk, and also Pet. The child players will certainly only have the play alternative for the plant.

Cow tree death

Time to talk about the scariest part of nurturing this “not-so-innocent” tree is its strength to death you and also then dice later.

So, once your CP is old enough, you must remember to feeding it every 12 hours, and if girlfriend don’t, it will shot and eat you and also your sims by teasing them with a delicious-looking cake that hangs indigenous its tongue.

When it sticks the end his tongue, which has actually a cake in the end then, it’s time to one of two people feed her “oh-so-precious” sapling or eat the cake (and die, of course.) and if your personalities eat the cake, over there is a strong chance that they will die. However, it usually takes a 2nd try to acquire them come die. If your center isn’t eaten, they’ll it is in spit back out ~ above the ground and also be extended in goo. (Gross!) and also If girlfriend aren’t happy enough, your NPC will take your last breath within the cow plant. 

The grim reaper will make an entrance and take your sim away, leaving behind a tombstone because that you come mourn the death.

CP Essence or the CP milk

After the sapling eats a sim, it will produce milk. If a center manages come survive, the milk will stand for your NPC’s emotional state at that time. This way if your center were embarrassed at the moment, the milk would produce an embarrassing emotionally state because that whoever decides come drink that milk!

However, if her character is killed, the produces an “Essence the Life” the simmers can drink. If a simmer drink this, it can add a couple of extra work of life, providing them a happy moodlet.

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Collecting a Sample

Do you have actually a Level 2 Logic skill or higher? Then, you have the right to “Collect” a sample from the CP (and any type of other plant). Inspect the piece using the in-game microscope, and also receive a distinctive “painting or stain” top top the wall.

Keeping the Alive

As we questioned before, you must be feeding your CP every 12 hours, or rather it will certainly protrude the cake the end of its mouth and kill you. Now, if you want to store your sapling and don’t desire to kill your sim, be very vigilant and feed him in ~ 12 hours of it, reflecting you the cake tongue or else he will certainly die!


So, this to be the can be fried sims 4 cow plant guide with its locations and ways to take care of it. This is an amazing add-on and can add an aesthetic value, too, if your house is constructed in ranch-style. So, usage these tips and have fun enjoying your virtual world!