Last week, ns wrote about how to gain abducted by aliens in The Sims 3. I talked a bit around alien pregnancy in the guide. But because there’s so much to it, I assumed the object deserved its very own post.

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In this guide, we’ll cover all facets of alien pregnant in The Sims 3 – from how to acquire your center pregnant to giving birth to her alien baby.

Please Note: all information listed below assumes you are NOT making use of mods. There are mods that allow females to become pregnant native abductions, boost chances that pregnancy, etc. Watch the mods ar at the end of the post for much more information.

How to get Pregnant by Aliens

When young adult, adult, or elder masculine Sims are abducted through aliens, there’s a 33 percent possibility they’ll return pregnant. I have whole post around how to obtain abducted so i won’t enter too much detail here. Yet for the sake of completion, we’ll cover the briefly.

To gain your sim abducted by aliens, go outside between the hours of 12:00 to be – 3:00 AM. Stargaze through a telescope (additional +13% chance) and/or have space rocks in your Sim’s list (additional +38% chance). Unequal in The Sims 2, stargazing is not crucial to it is in abducted, but it does help!

This is the only means to obtain pregnant by aliens without using mods. You need to obtain abducted and also hope the your center returns pregnant. If not, try again!

How to recognize Your center is Pregnant

Once your center returns from an abduction, lock will have actually an “Abducted” moodlet the lasts for 10 hours. When it expires, if your Sim has an “Unexpected load Gain” moodlet, this means they’re pregnant.

A pregnant male center gets the unexpected Weight get moodlet.

If the abducted moodlet expires and your center does not have actually the weight gain moodlet, they walk not come to be pregnant indigenous the abduction.

Your center will likewise display other indicators of pregnancy such together weight gain and the pregnancy walk after ~ the an initial 24 hours. You may likewise see your center touches his belly while a creepy sound theatre in the background.

Males Sims pregnant v an alien baby get weight and also do the pregnant “walk.”

Alien pregnancy Differences

In The Sims 3, extraterrestrial pregnancy functions a bit differently than in that did The Sims 2.

Like in the ahead game, just male Sims can become pregnant with alien abduction. Yet in TS3, alien pregnant is treated in different way than a regular female pregnancy. Right here are the methods it differs:

No maternity leaving for “pregnant” masculine SimsNo maternity clothesNo border from activities that pregnant mrs Sims can’t doNo genetic information passed to the baby

Why is this the case? Well, in my opinion The Sims 3 has the most realistic extraterrestrial pregnancies.

The male center is not actually pregnant. Instead, he just serves together the ship or hold for the alien baby. This is the reason why elder males can likewise become pregnant in The Sims 3. As the baby grows inside him, that gains weight and eventually the infant is “born” as a pure extraterrestrial – no a hybrid.

The infant will have 100% extraterrestrial DNA. It it s okay no hereditary information from its dad or “host” Sim, as he was just an incubator because that the baby. After ~ the baby is born, you will not see its alien parent in the household tree. Just your center will appear as the parent.

The alien parent does not show up in the household tree.

Giving bear to an alien Baby

After the “Unexpected weight Gain” moodlet expires, your center will give birth to the alien baby. This takes around 48 hrs – a day much less than a typical Sim pregnancy.

Male Sims cannot have the infant at a hospital. Once your sim goes into labor, you’ll receive a dialogue box that provides you a an option – raise the son or send it ago to that is homeworld.

You can pick to progressive the alien baby or send it ago to the homeworld.

If you select “Raise,” you’ll be triggered to name the baby and also he or she will be added to her household. If you select “Send to Homeworld,” the baby will be whisked away after birth. Choose wisely due to the fact that if girlfriend send it home, you’ll never acquire the infant back.

After making her choice, your sim goes v “labor.” His belly glows green and also he appears to “push” as if that were offering birth. ~ a couple of minutes, he’ll turn around and the infant will appear in his arms.

Choose to raise the baby, and also she’ll be included to her household.

If you pick to raise the baby, she doesn’t require any kind of special treatment besides what a baby generally needs. However, she’ll grow up to have actually alien powers including mind control and also the brain power motive.

If you choose to send her ago to homeworld, your center will placed the baby down and also she’ll disappear in a blur of light. Your Sim will wave goodbye, and you’ll never see the infant again. She will certainly not display up in your Sim’s family members tree and it will certainly be together if she never ever existed.

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However, your Sim will still have the memory of having a infant if you look in their personal scrapbook.

Alien pregnancy Mods

There are a couple of mods I can recommend to improve the Sims 3 alien pregnancy experience: