Skill: 45 Magic, 20 Agility.

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Item: Falador and Camelot Teleport Runes.

For several years now the Dwarven black guard have been developing the latest in projectile warfare. Now with the constant attack of goblin renegades, the Dwarven troops who protect the mines need to put this secret weapon into action. Only with your help can the true power of this cannon be harnessed!

Step 1Talk to Lawgof.Fix the fence.Get the dwarf remains.Find the Dwarf"s son.

To begin, speak to Captain Lawgof in the Coal Trucks area west of Seers" Village. He will ask you to help him fix the fence to keep the goblins out. When you agree he will give you some railings. Go off and inspect each piece of the fence surrounding the mining area here. If you find a piece of broken fence, you will automatically try to fix it. If you fail you will be dealt 2 damage (Picture). If it is not broken, no message will appear. A good way to tell a piece of fence is broken is that it will be bent; this will spare you from clicking the entire fence.Once you have fixed all the railings talk to the commander again. He will say that his tower has stopped communicating with him. Walk south of the base to the tower, climb to the top and there should be some Dwarf remains, take them and return to the commander (Picture).

After showing the remains to the commander he will tell you that the dead dwarf had a son and asks if you will try to find him. Head to the fishing guild. At the very east end of the Fishing Guild there is a cave (Picture).When you enter the cave, walk directly opposite from the entrance, into the middle passage. Keep walking straight that way, through the large room, and into a room full of crates. The Dwarf child is in the different coloured crate at the end (Picture). When you free the child he will jump out and go back to the Dwarf Commander.

Step 2Return to the Commander.Fix the cannon.Get the manual.Complete the quest.

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Return to the Dwarf Commander. When you arrive, you find out about the broken cannon. The commander will give you a toolkit and ask you to fix the cannon. Go to the south-west part of the dwarf settlement and inspect the cannon (Picture). Then to fix the cannon, you will get an interface where you must use the hook on the spring, the pliers to the safety switch and the gear starter on the gears.When you have fixed the cannon talk to the commander again, he will ask you to fetch an instruction book. It is held by a Dwarf at the Black Guard where the cannon was made. This area is found on the Ice Mountain at the entrance to the Dwarven mines. Teleport to Falador to get there quickly. Go to the northern entrance of the mines and talk to Nulodion. He will give you the mould and instructions. When you have these return to the Dwarf Commander and claim your reward.