It’s date night. You slip right into the perfect dress that took forever to find, glance in the mirror, and—lo and behold—you’re confronted with underwear lines. Level as day.

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Without a doubt, every woman has experienced this wardrobe malfunction. And whether you contact them just panty currently or VPLs (visible panty lines) because that short, it’s an extremely annoying. Also embarrassing, if girlfriend failed to check.

But what can you do? how do you remove these unsightly lines? it’s actually simpler than you think!

Read’s 7 pro tips and learn just how to eliminate underwear lines for good, or at the very least the following time you action out.

1. Walk Seamless


Seamless underwear is most likely one of the easiest methods to banish your underwear lines. Plus, they’re accessible in a range of styles and also cuts. Laser-cut towel is particularly seamless.

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2. Slip right into a G-String or Thong

Professional models and stylists always use a G-string or thong because that photoshoots and also the like. While some women find them fairly uncomfortable, others find them no so bad and also even choose them. With a slim design, they almost disappear.

For extra revealing dresses with super-high slits, yes an even more extreme choice available: stick-on thongs. These thong-like underwear stickers are more for red carpet kind events; however, they carry out come in comfortable for particular special occasions that require formal dresses. Some layouts are also reusable, qualified of gift washed.

3. Shot Boyshorts


Boy shorts space a great way come say goodbye come underwear lines. The method boy shorts room cut allows them come fit snug straight under the butt cheek, together opposed to cutting throughout where it’s more glaring.

And even though the hemlines and also cut are an ext discreet, you deserve to still pick a lace hem for an even less abrupt and also smoother line.

Boyshorts are also commonly accessible as smooth styles, i beg your pardon give an excellent advantage.

4. Streamline with Pantyhose and also Slips

Pantyhose and slips can additionally streamline and also smooth ours panty lines. However, they have the right to make her wardrobe feeling a bit much more layered and also bulky if you’re not careful.

As the weather it s okay warmer, this might not be the most perfect option. Attract pantyhose and a on slide in sweltering hot weather can make you feeling stuffy, to say the least. Stick to slips during cooler weather and also peel on pantyhose– or also cute tights and leggings – during the winter.

Keep in mind, also, the silk-like slips have the right to accumulate static, so be certain to try several approaches so the slip doesn’t get too clingy. Using a moisturizing lotion and rubbing with a dryer sheet space two basic tricks.

5. Invest in Shapewear


Wearing smooth shapewear is an additional wonderful means to smooth out underwear lines. offers several layouts of slimming shapewear to disguise underwear lines, without obtaining into a complete waist cincher or bodysuit.

Shop seamless Shapewear indigenous offers shaper panties and also leggings the you have the right to wear under skirts and dresses. These are made in materials that are certainly much more breathable than your mean stuffy slip.

6. Swap Thin through Textured, special Fabrics

One easy method to remove underwear present is to merely not undertake outwear clothing constructed of slim fabrics and materials. Smoother, diluent fabrics create a slinky, much more clingy look it is bound to show each and also every line.

Instead, choose more textural, thicker fabrics. These thicker products will add a buffer, so to speak, that provides underlines show up subtle. Think corduroys, denim, suedes, ruched and also tweeds. Velvets room making a comeback, and lace works well, too.

7. Disguise v Patterns and also Prints

Prints and also patterns can disguise underwear lines rather well. And also like swapping thin clothes for more thickness ones, it’s really easy come implement. Think pet prints, choose leopard spots and zebra or tiger stripes. Florals space a quite option, too.

Busier prints space ideal, but not completely necessary. Bolder patterns and also prints work, too. Because that instance, if you’re not right into mini-checks, go for bigger buffalo checks.

Get Rid that Underwear Lines because that Good!

Each agree tip has its advantages, make a good trick to save up her sleeve. Some work far better under particular garments and also some you may simply choose for comfort.

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But be certain to try each out for yourself and find one that works for you. That way, following time you head out, you’ll currently know what works and how to get rid of your underwear lines.