If girlfriend asked me what I’ve been spending the most time law the previous week or so, the answer is simple – playing the bajeezus the end of the freshly remastered variation 2.0 that Sonic The Hedgehog (Free) that was released together a cost-free update to the initial iOS game. Seriously, this think is a bonafide work-related of art.

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Rebuilt from scratch using the Retro Engine arisen by Christian “Taxman" Whitehead, and with aid from fellow Sonic hacker Simon “Stealth" Thomley, Sonic The Hedgehog 2.0 functions tons the awesome enhancements over the vault bare-bones iOS version, and also even end the original Genesis/Mega journey classic.

You’ve probably heard about these functions already: widescreen and also Universal iPad support, 60fps smoothness, playable Tails and Knuckles as unlockable characters, a Time strike mode, cleaned up visuals, a remastered soundtrack, video game Center and more. This truly is a remake because that the fans, do by some of its greatest fans. (The Retro Engine to be originally supplied in a fan-made iOS port of Sonic CD through Taxman numerous years ago, i beg your pardon Sega officially obtained on board with and also released together Sonic CD (Free) and now Sonic The Hedgehog ~ above iOS utilizing his engine, with more said to be on the way. Kudos Sega.)


Anyway, what friend may have actually not heard about yet room all the crazy attributes that room in this variation of Sonic The Hedgehog that aren’t on the “back of the box" so to speak. It didn’t take it the members over at the Sonic Retro forums, i beg your pardon is wherein Taxman and Stealth hang the end themselves, to dig right into the game and also discover much more of what it had to offer. The complete level-select and also Debug mode from the initial 16-bit gamings is undamaged here, but it goes beyond even that. Facets of Sonic 2 and 3, consisting of the ability to include a 7th Chaos Emerald and get at sight versions the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, are among the added goodies tucked into Sonic 2.0.

A forward-thinking member of our forums take it the initiative come compile every one of Sonic’s keys in one handy discussion thread. There still might yet be much more to uncover, however let’s take a look in ~ what’s out there so much in regards to secrets, glitches and easter eggs.


First off, let’s make certain you know how to unlock the extr characters. Unlocking Tails is straightforward enough – just beat the game. As soon as unlocked, girlfriend can pick to play together Tails by self or a combo the Sonic v an AI-controlled Tails following along. While play as the duo, jump and press up+jump in mid-air to have actually Tails activate his “helicopter" mode and also carry Sonic by his arms. While carrying Sonic you’ll be in regulate of Tails and can fly your buddy approximately the levels, even accessing formerly unreachable and new areas. When playing together Tails by self he can helicopter around, too.

Unlocking Knuckles as a playable character is a many trickier. To execute so you’ll must beat the game after collecting every 6 Chaos Emeralds. Through Knuckles, there’s no default way to play as a duo with Tails (more on the later), however Knuckles does maintain his unique abilities of gliding indigenous mid-air and climbing walls. This permits him to likewise reach the exact same hidden locations that Tails can.


Also worth pointing out is the all three characters can do a spin Dash by stand in place, hold down+rapidly tapping the button, climate releasing come send your character shoot off prefer a buzzsaw. This move was very first introduced in Sonic 2, and also this marks the an initial time you can do it in the original video game by default. Because of this numerous of the level design aren’t equipped to take care of the rapid bursts the speed, but it’s still fun to use. You can likewise turn the turn Dash off in the main alternatives screen if you’d rather.

Hidden alternatives Menu

Now, let’s acquire to the genuine fun – a concealed level-select and alternatives screen and an unlockable debug mode. Very first start increase a “No conserve Mode" game. If you’re using an Android maker and a physics controller to play the game, you can just enter the exact same code that unlocked this food selection in the original 16-bit game: Up, down, left, right, then hit the A button+start. If using simply the touchscreen, you’ll have to tap the letters S-E-G-A in order once the Sega logo shows up just after starting a brand new game. After ~ you push the letter you’ll hear a ring chime and also then simply place two thumbs on the display at the same time and leave them there as the title screen boots up. The game will start on that own and also boot you directly into the hidden alternatives menu.

Here you’ll get a tiny virtual d-pad to relocate through the menu, choosing any type of of the levels or the special stage to start on or toggling between a choice of extr options. These options include which personality you’re play as, transforming Spin Dash on/off, toggling a ground and also air speed cap on/off, or choosing in between revised or original spike behavior.


Let me define that critical one. Once you land on spikes (and you have actually at least one ring) the knocks girlfriend back. In the initial Sonic 1, if girlfriend hit spikes and it knocked you back onto the spikes again, you suffered a cheap death. By default in this version, you’ll briefly come to be invincible ~ landing on spikes prefer you do when you’re hit by an enemy, therefore a second landing top top spikes won’t an outcome in an prompt death.

The hidden options also permit you come choose in between having 6 Chaos Emeralds in the game, together it was originally, or adding a 7th as in Sonic 2 and also subsequent games in the series. If you enable the 7th Chaos Emerald, a brand-new 7th Special stage will it is in available. And also oh young is the a doozy. It’s right now unknown if this additional stage is based off of one that was scrapped throughout the initial game’s development or if it’s some type of angry concoction the Taxman and also Stealth, yet what ns do understand is the it is maddeningly difficult. If friend beat all 7 special Stages and collect every 7 Chaos Emeralds throughout the course of a game, you are a total rock star.

Should you regulate to collection every Chaos Emerald, you’ll then gain the capacity to transform right into “Super" Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. You execute this through collecting at the very least 50 ring in a level then jumping and also tapping the switch again in mid-air. Her character will certainly transform into the super version, giving you substantially increased rate and nearly total invincibility. Her character additionally becomes a cool-looking gold version of itself. The Super mode is temporary and also comes in ~ a price that one gold ring every second, so will certainly last until your collection of rings has actually counted down to zero.

Finally, among the more impressive and unexpected options obtainable in the concealed menu is the ability to choose to include items and functionality native Sonic 2 and/or 3 right into the game. This way Flame Shields that give you a mid-air dash and protect girlfriend from lava, Lightning Shields that attract coins to you favor a magnet and allow you to double-jump, and also Bubble Shields that stop you native drowning underwater and give friend a downward-stomp form move. Additionally, with Sonic 3 items allowed Sonic can do a mid-air attack. I’d nearly go as far as to say the Sonic 1 feels prefer a totally different video game using various items and characters from later games.

Sound Test and Debug Mode

Here is where things get weird. The only option in the covert menu i haven’t covered yet is the Sound test which allows you scroll with the library that music and sound results used in the game. However, it also allows you to unlock a secret debug menu or instantly give you every 7 Chaos Emeralds.

To permit the Chaos Emerald cheat, beat the adhering to music tracks in this order: 04, 01, 02, 06. You’ll listen the fanfare noise as if you just built up a Chaos Emerald, and will have all 7 right from once you begin the game. This allows you to turn right into the Super version of her character at any time as defined above.

The second Sound check cheat is for allowing Debug Mode, and is done by play the following music tracks in this order: 01, 09, 09, 01, 00, 06, 02, 03. If done appropriately you’ll hear the chime native a yellow ring. After beginning the game, fight the score/time/ring display in the upper left corner at any kind of time to enter Debug Mode. Her character will turn right into an item, and also tiny “+" and also “–" signs at the top of the screen enable you to cycle through all the various items and enemies in the game. You deserve to fly roughly anywhere together the item through the directional pad and also place as many of any type of item together you want using the jump button.



As you could imagine there’s every sorts of ways you deserve to goof off placing items every about. You have actually instant accessibility to as numerous coins or distinct items the you want, including extra lives and instantaneous “Super" version item boxes for your character. There’s some cutting room floor type stuff too, choose the ability to generate the gigantic wrecking sphere that Robotnik ferris wheel from his craft at the end of green Hill Zone. You can push the large balls about the level or even ride them approximately by wade on lock log-rolling style. There’s tons of other cool stuff to uncover playing around in Debug Mode, simply be conscious that you are using one editor and it gives you the capabilities of doing things the video game can’t handle, so don’t be surprised if you happen to cause weird relief or lock-ups.

Easter eggs / Glitches

Ok, to round turn off this small guide of species let’s begin off with among the succinct Easter eggs the developer slipped right into the video game for the fans. In instance you didn’t know, Tails has a actual name and it’s miles Prower. Friend can permit a code that will display his name as Miles ~ above the title screen and also use the name Miles in the extra life display during the game. Simply start a “No Save" video game using only Tails or Sonic+Tails and when the Sega logo pops increase tap the letters in reverse order: A-G-E-S. You’ll hear a ring chime and get a new title screen, and when playing as Tails just a brand-new in-game name display.


Now top top to possibly the coolest glitch in the game, even if it is it was intentional or not, i beg your pardon is the capacity to pat as any kind of of the characters with Tails by your side together an AI-controlled companion. Simply start up a “No Save" game using Sonic+Tails, and then die till all your resides are gone and it’s game Over. After acquiring booted back to the title screen, begin the game and also load increase a saved video game with either Tails or Knuckles. When you start you’ll have actually Tails by her side. It’s glitchy though, and specific sprites and animations just weren’t produced this functionality. Like Tails carrying Knuckles when helicoptering, because that example. It’s tho pretty crazy, and also kind of a dream come true because that Sonic fans.

There are no doubt more secrets, Easter Eggs and glitches buried in Sonic The Hedgehog variation 2.0, however this currently pretty considerable guide should gain you started and on your method to enjoy it the game on a totality other level. It wouldn’t it is in a bad idea to keep your eye top top the tricks of Sonic The Hedgehog for iOS thread or the general conversation thread because that Sonic 1 in ours forums, and it’s never a negative idea to poke roughly the Sonic Retro forums wherein there is an very knowledgable community.

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More 보다 anything, though, please store these coming Sega and also co. It’s already been confirmed we’ll be obtaining a comparable treatment v Sonic 2 at some point, but there’s no method they can stop there and also not bring on Sonic 3 & Knuckles, consisting of crazy methods to have actually all 3 games connect with one one more as one homage come the original’s “lock-on" technology. For now, I’ll proceed spending a stupid lot of time through this Sonic The Hedgehog remake, for this reason definitely try out some of these tricks if girlfriend haven’t already.