First, walk to the Taverly Dungeon. Walk to the southern finish by following the path, past Hill giants and also you obtain to black Knights.

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Once there, attack and also kill the Jailer for the jail key. Then use the Jail an essential on the door comprise the Adventurer, and ask if that has any type of adventures because that you. The should offer you a Dusty Key, i m sorry you can use to acquire into the Blue Dragon area phibìc of you.

You can uncover baby blue dragon there.


Here\"s sal\"s image:


If you look all the means at the southern end, you watch a gray dungeon area. That\"s wherein the black Knights are.

And girlfriend can check Sal\"s overview to uncover the Dusty key retrieval.

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Veni vidi vici 1


Veni vidi vici 1

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Posted respectable 12, 2008

Bring an anti-fire shield too, just in instance the mother (Blue Dragons) decide to roast you for training ~ above their children



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