With the development of people of Warcraft"s an initial expansion The burn Crusade, Comes 2 new major cities, the accompany the two brand-new races the Exodar because that the Draenei, and also Silvermoon City because that the Blood Elves.

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Beginning through pre-patch ~ above the 18th that May, Alliance players will want to start travelling to the Exodar to discover the Jewelcrafting skill, together it is the ar of the just trainer.

There room three methods to take trip to the Exodar and, that is more tedious 보다 the Hordes counterpart, Silvermoon city.


WoW classic TBC: exactly how to gain to The Exodar

The most simple means of travelling to the Exodar will certainly be to purchase a portal indigenous a Mage player. Any type of mage have the right to learn this capability as long as they room over level 40, however, they should travel us to the City and also speak v the portal trainer.

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Once The burn Crusade has actually launched, players will likewise be able to take a portal indigenous Shattrath City situated in northwestern Terokkar Forest, in addition to portals come all significant Alliance Cities.

Finally, the only way to reach the Exodar by you yourself is to take a boat from Auberdine, a small Night Elf town located follow me the shore of Darkshore.

Auberdine deserve to be reached from other watercrafts coming indigenous Darnassus via Rut"theran village or Menethil Harbour located in Dustwallow Marsh.

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There room three docks that watercrafts can arrive at in Auberdine, and to reach the Exodar you should take the main boat.

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