I love attract costume jewelry but usually after one or two wears it transforms my skin eco-friendly and/or the item tarnishes. Is there anything I deserve to do to store this native happening? deserve to I cloak the metal with something? any kind of advice you have the right to share would certainly be wonderful!

The Green cast of Cheap Jewelry

We all know just how it feels to wear a gorgeous item of jewelry, just to slip it off at the end of the day and also discover the unsightly environment-friendly mark that shame. The good news is that it’s no uncommon, and it’s reasonably easy to deal with the problem, too.

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First, identify that anything you put on your skin can react with certain metals, such together copper, brass, pewter and also silver. Everything from human body lotion come perfume to hand cream can reason that telltale green actors on your skin. Also acidic sweat can reason it come happen. The factor is pretty clinical — salty compounds type on the skin when acids sweat or product come into call with the metal. Or, the metal just oxidizes and tarnishes.

You will usually notice these problems primarily with lower-end pieces. According to jane Becker, founder of JB Jewels, “Most of the costume jewelry is dipped in and gold- and also silver-colored paints to make them watch shiny. Eventually these coatings undertake off, staining her clothes and skin.”

Ugly however not Dangerous

There’s no harm in the greenish stain. It’s definitely not dangerous, yet it may come through some irritation if your skin is really sensitive.

How to avoid Jewelry from transforming Skin Green

Clear nail Polish

Sally Hansen Clear nail Polish, $4.62, Walmart

You can prevent the jewelry from resulting in marks on your skin through using one of the simplest items in her beauty arsenal: clear pond polish. According to Becker, “If you brush the back or the components that touch her skin…this will certainly help. Once storing your jewelry, place it level on a crate or a jewelry box.”

Avoid Water and Soap

According to business Insider, an additional solution is to eliminate your jewelry once you’re washing her hands or exposing her skin come water. Protect against using soap while that ring is on your finger — this will slow-moving the oxidation process and prevent stains. Constantly remove your jewelry when swimming, spending time in humid problems or while working out.

Make sure your hands are thoroughly dry before you put your jewel on again.

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Anti-Tarnishing Cloths


It’s additionally smart to keep some anti-tarnishing cloths handy. If it looks prefer your non-precious metals are in the early stages that oxidation, wiping them down gently can help. Save these pieces in plastic bags may also slow the process.

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