Most the us have actually fond storage of catching fireflies or lightning bugs on warm summer nights. Many human being kept lock in jars—sometimes a jar full of fireflies can develop enough light to check out by. If you want to catch fireflies, below are a few tips that will assist you along.

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Where to Look

Fireflies are straightforward to spot—just look because that the flashing lights. They typically love long grasses, marshy areas and regions near the edges of ponds, lakes, streams and also other body of water. Castle can thrive under low-hanging trees, in forests and also fields, and even in her yard or vegetables garden.

Watch her Light

Fireflies connect using your flashing lights. If you desire to catch one, you need to act choose one. First, rotate off her exterior home lights—these may confuse fireflies and also make them less likely come respond to light signals from other fireflies. Then take a flashlight outside.

If girlfriend are having trouble gaining near the fireflies in her yard, imitate among them by shining your flashlight directly up and also down, or through repeating the light trends you view fireflies emitting. This might or may not work; plenty of scientists who examine fireflies have much better luck v LED lights than v battery-powered flashlights. Never shine a light straight at a; it’s likely to scare them away quite than attracting them.

In addition, you might have much better luck recording fireflies if you location a blue plastic key or item of paper over your flashlight to turn the irradiate blue. Scientists believe fireflies don’t interpret blue irradiate the same method they see various other colors, so the irradiate won’t disorient their flash patterns.



If you would prefer to save your fireflies lively the longest, use apple slices in her jar. Fireflies will conveniently drink the juice indigenous a fresh apple. Girlfriend can also use grapes, raspberries or other available fruit. These fruits but will rot a lot of quicker. Additionally, if you have actually a pops (small or big bottle), use this through distilled water and also give the jar a misting occasionally. This is to help keep the environment moist but additionally simulate the natural environment better. The within of homes are often an extremely dry and not ideal problems for survival. Sometimes misting keeps castle from dry out as well quick.

Work In Pairs

It’s often much more effective to work-related in pairs when catching fireflies, with one person to hold the jar and another to use the net. Be certain to use treatment when recording them; fireflies can be fragile.


Let them Go

Once you have actually a jug of fireflies, don’t keep them for longer than a job or two. Let them go, preferably in ~ night because that’s as soon as they’re most active and able to stop predators. If you store them because that longer, the fireflies are likely to die.

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Some human being remember crushing fireflies in your fingers to make their hands glow and also keeping lock in unventilated jars for numerous days. When this might not have caused serious damage to populations in times as soon as they were more plentiful, today’s numbers are dwindling—so every one matters. Record fireflies carefully, treat them gently and also release them into the wild again once you’re done, and also you’ll have the ability to enjoy these fascinating creatures there is no causing any harm.

Fun Fact

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