We every dread that moment when girlfriend walk out right into the heat and also your hair puffs up choose a lion"s mane. L"oreal Paris brand ambassador Marcos Carrasquillo and also Matrix celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas share an easy steps that have the right to prevent the humidity native frizzing up her hair.

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1. Dry your hair through a diffuser. These expense $6 and up depending upon the brand, and they conveniently affix to your hair dryer. Make certain to save your dryer ~ above a cool setting, since one that the easiest methods to permit humidity to wreak havoc on her hair is by applying too much heat. If friend can, let her hair air-dry.

2. Apply styling cream instantly after washing hair. This is especially important for girls through curly or coarse hair. If you want to store your natural texture, use it right after friend wash her hair and dry it v a diffuser. This create a security layer versus frizz. Try a curly cream likeL"Oréal Paris progressed Hair Curve It curly Taming Cream.

3. Use a deep-conditioning treatment when a week. Heat blended with humidity have the right to severely dry out your hair, for this reason deep conditioners and also hair masks space a must. Anything that is oil-infused works wonders for remove frizz. Shot Neutrogena Triple humidity Deep restore Hair Mask.

4. Usage a protein-infused conditioner. These types of conditioners assist repair dry, damaged hair and also protect that from humidity at the very same time. Try Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and also Shea Butter Conditioner.

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5. Don"t wash her hair much more than double a week if you have thick, curly, or outlet hair. Too much washing strips the hair the its organic oils, which have the right to make it dry and frizzy. If her hair gets also oily, you can substitute continuous shampoo for a dried shampoo.

6. Don"t go for dull haircuts. When her hair is reduced evenly every around, it creates too much volume at the bottom, particularly when it involves curly, thick, or outlet hair. Walk for a tool to long reduced with layers. Your layers should start about your lip and gradually edge back. Shot long-layered cuts prefer Shakira"s and also J.Lo"s.

7. Comb your hair when in the shower head — never ever while it"s dry. Applying a dried brush versus dry hair can create fullness and also puffiness that you wouldn"t desire in the summer. Brush her hair making use of a wide-toothed comb in the shower head while it"s conditioned, climate rinse. If you must untangle that a little bit while it"s dry, shot combing v it v your fingers.

8. Don"t towel-dry your hair. This in reality causes much more frizz. Instead, squeeze excess water out and allow it come air-dry or usage a diffuser.

9. Apply a light serum to the end of your hair. Your ends have tendency to look drier in the summer months, so use a serum, like Biolage Smooth evidence Serum, when it"s tho wet.

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