ns made a item of job-related with chalk pastels recently. Sadly, ns left the unattended on one occasion and also my cats finished up approaching mine sketchbook. Several of my occupational was smudged. On one more occasion as soon as I carried it to college for my exam, 2 students concerned see it on 2 random occasions, do the efforts to check out if it"s "real" through smudging it v their finger. By the time I tried come tell them no to, castle had already done it.

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Is over there anything I deserve to do to defend the chalk pastel from acquiring smudged?

Do take it in mind that ns am no looking front to ideas about covering the work with one more sheet that paper, primarily since of the case I spoke of above. Quite than avoiding hazards from acquiring to my work, I want to know if I have the right to stop my occupational from smudging.



Once you"ve finished her work, if you require to defend it from gift smudged, usage Fixative Spray the is made for specifically this purpose. Hairspray will additionally work in a pinch.

Only perform this when you"re finished despite - due to the fact that it will make that near difficult to add much more chalk as soon as it"s done. If you must transport loose work, execute so in a chop folder, with an additional blank item of paper placed closely over the peak of your job-related (with a little of masking tape around the edges because that extra security).


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