Want to know just how to butcher a rabbit humanely? whether you’re elevating them because that food or planning to walk off the grid, it’s crucial skill any type of homesteader who is keen on harvest their own protein should know.

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In my last article, i wrote about the costs and benefits the raising rabbits because that food. I reviewed the cages, food, separation that male and also female, breeding, babies and also use for rabbit poop. Now it is time to talk about how to take the cute cuddly rabbit and turn it right into a meal. Follow these steps, and you’ll know how to butcher a hare in no time:

PreparationLeading as much as the killHow to kill a rabbitRemoving the skinsRemoving the insidesGetting prepared to cookWhat to perform with the preventive parts

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1. Preparation

Before learning exactly how to butcher a rabbit, you need to prepare your supplies. I need to make sure I have three velvet sharpened. This is out of convenience rather than necessity. I need two big bowls and one rubbish bag. Because I hang my rabbits upside down, I likewise need mine ropes to it is in ready.

2. Leading up to the Kill



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First, ns make certain that mine dog is in she kennel. She will go nuts if she sees or hears that happening. Then, whichever rabbit I have selected, i grab by the skin close to the back of the neck. Occasionally the rabbit will fight and also kick to shot to escape, other times not. Ns tie slip knots roughly the rabbit’s hind feet just above the ankle. Both ropes space attached come a stick. I let the hare hang upside down. In ~ this point, the rabbit will struggle for a couple of moments, and maybe scream. Ns take the rabbit over to a tree branch and hang it in ~ a height that is practically for me, with its ago facing me.



3. To death a Rabbit

When I an initial started to find out survival skills, ns did no think much about the idea of killing an animal for food. Ns figured it was something that had actually to it is in done, and also when the moment came, i would have the ability to do it. The very first two times the my rabbits were eliminated to be component of a meal, my father-in-law taken on the killing due to the fact that he had much more experience than I.

After having actually witnessed a couple of killings and butchering, i got acquainted with the process, yet the vessel was tough to find. I did not prefer the idea that hurting animals, therefore I fixed to make it as quick and also painless as possible. My initial an approach was to whack the hare on the earlier of the head through a heavy piece that wood, then reduced off that head as quickly as feasible after that. It functioned well, however sometimes the damages to the skull or neck was such that my mam was not happy through the result. So I moved to one more technique. Ns now location a huge knife come the earlier of the rabbit’s neck and cut together hard and fast together I can. It is quick, there is no the structural damages that clubbing the rabbit deserve to do. I have actually looked because that other methods to kill the rabbit quickly. I also asked a physics teacher if it were feasible to do a “rabbit guillotine”. He to be intrigued by the idea, however his wife did not desire him law that.

4. Removed the Skin


Once the head is separated indigenous the body, the finest thing to carry out is wait until the blood stops flowing. Then, make a small incision on every hind leg between the muscle and the skin. Next, peel the skin v the fingers until the top of the hind legs. Cut off the tail. Cut the fur near the genitals and peel it earlier in both directions. Pull the skin down till it comes off at the prior paws. Hare skins and furs can be made into clothing or accessory items as soon as they have been processed.

5. Removing the Insides


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Once the skin is off the rabbit, the next thing you have to do is eliminate the entrails. Pinch the meat in ~ the basic of the belly and also poke a hole in it. Stick 2 fingers inside and point them in the direction of the rabbit’s chest. On slide the guideline of the knife within the meat and also between the fingers, there is no puncturing any type of internal organs, and cut the meat come the chest. The intestines, stomach, and also liver will virtually fall out of the rabbit.

The very first thing to eliminate is the bladder. Pinch it off and cut so that the bladder remains intact and also no urine spills onto the meat. Next, pull out the intestines as finest as you can. Slice the rabbit open to the anus to remove every one of the intestines.

Once all intestines are out, reach right into the abdominal muscle cavity and free the stomach, liver, heart, and lungs. On the liver rests the gallbladder. The is a greenish tube. Remove it without breaking it. Cut the rabbit down the center to the throat. All that is left ~ above the inside space the kidneys. Traction them out.

6. Nearly Ready to cook

The rabbit is currently hollow. Cut off the furry paws, to wash it off, and also you’re done!

7. Spare parts

It is approximately you what you want to perform with the spare parts of the rabbit. The stomach deserve to be provided as a tiny container, the skin deserve to be offered to make clothing, the brain can be supplied to tan the skin, etc.

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Remember, the will probably be a sloppy task the an initial time you perform it. Make sure that her knives room sharp and do your best to ensure the the hare does not suffer. Practice how to butcher a rabbit will certainly make you much better over time.

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