How execute you make different salt solutionsFor example, let's speak one demands to make 5% salt solutionDoes that average we use 5g of salt and 100mL the water or other else...Or walk it median 95mL water and also 5g of salt...ThanksPotatopotato

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Well, that asks me come "Prepare 100 mL that 5% salt (NaCl) solution...I guess: v that method a total of 100 mL solution, right?Does that typical i will have actually 95 mL that water and 5 grams that salt??thxPotatopotato
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then it's most likely weight every volume.It's difficult to calculate how countless mL's the water you'll need. The entire solution is 5% w/v, not necessarily the beginning materials. The is, speak 95 mL the water and also 5 g salt is technically wrong.
hmm, not sure though, cuz if the asks for 100 mL that this equipment (5% NaCl solution)Then 5% is going to it is in pure NaCl, right?The rest of that is water...95%...So i am guessing 95mL that waterWould this be possible, it can be a little inaccurate, measuring the end 95mL of water, then to water salt right into the water (in i graduated cylinder) until it will 100mL...?though i would certainly not know just how much salt i used...Thanks againPotatopotato
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nope, but great guess. You're correct the you wouldn't know exactly how much salt you used. But you would have actually 100 mL. How might you be able to modify that procedure to still end up w/ 100 mL, however know with certainty you have a 5% w/v solution?
How about this...Measure fixed of graduated cylinderPut 95 mL the water in it...then that should be massive of i graduated cylinder and 95g because water 1g/mLThen pour salt until 100mL some possible errors, tho, then measure mass of entirety thing...So the final mass - mass of graduated cylinder and 95mL that water would offer me the mass of salt...right?It seems like a lengthy process...Thxpotatopotato
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nope, but getting closer.w/v means that once you have the last solution made, you'll recognize that x% of that volume is an exact mass that solute.e.g. A 1L, 20 % (w/v) solution of NaHCO3. Your i graduated cylinder will certainly contain 1000 mL that final solution v 200 g the NaHCO3.Does that assist any?*modified to resolve moronic you're/your error. Geez...

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You helped me a many today, thank you so much azmanam, i gave you a scooby snack, would certainly you be able to look in ~ the fermentation the yeast inquiry i posted??