You"ve uncovered the perfect fitted hat for your style. It"s precisely what you"ve been looking for, yet you try it on, and it"s as well big. Or, perhaps you want to undertake a fitted cap you haven"t worn in a while, just to discover that a haircut or past wear has left that a size too big.

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Because a fitted cap is made for one size without any type of straps or snaps to adjust, it"s not simple to tighten. But it"s no impossible, either. Learn how to shrink a fitted hat by checking out the guide below to view how.

Steam Method

Steaming a hat may shrink the a little, but it likely won"t go down a entirety size. When the steam method is ideal left come the professionals, certain cap layouts can work-related with an at-home treatment. Monitor these measures to heavy steam and shrink a cap for a tiny adjustment:

Heat a kettle the water or use a towel steamer.Use clean tongs to organize your hat safely in the steam.Move the cap over the optimal of the kettle"s vapor or in former of your cloth steamer.Steam around the inside and also outside that the crown come soak the hat.Remove the hat from the heat and also carefully form it together needed.Repeat a couple of times if necessary.

Read your hat"s label and also familiarize you yourself with how to care for it prior to trying this method. Your cap"s materials and also elements could include a recommendation to avoid contact with water, moisture, or heat. You"ll check out these materials and warnings top top the label, yet if you"re unsure, avoid steaming cap with:

FeltLeatherDyesFabric finishesAccents

If you"re not sure about your hat"s products or if the steam an approach will work, take it it come a professional. They"ll imply a way to shrink her cap the won"t hazard damaging the material, shape, or color.

Hat dimension Tape

Hat size reducer tape can often make a cap at the very least one size smaller. You"ll uncover varieties in foam or towel materials v an adhesive backing that makes the ice stick come the within of her hat. The extra material fills the hat and also gives the a snug fit, effectively letting friend shrink the crown of a hat. To usage hat dimension tape, follow these steps:

Put on her hat.Feel for the gaps between the hat and your head.Take off the hat and note or mark where you require the size tape.Leave the backing on the tape and also cut it to fit the locations where your hat was too big.Slide the tape between the hat and the sweatband to host it as you test exactly how it fits.Put the hat on again and test the fit.Make certain it"s comfortable and stays in place.Remove the hat and also make adjustments, moving the tape, obtaining rid of some of it, or adding much more as needed.Remove the backing native the tape and also attach the on the sweatband or between it and also the hat.

If hat size tape doesn"t work, take the cap to a professional for a heavy steam treatment or a various custom fitting method.


How come Shrink miscellaneous Materials

Hats come in a wide selection of styles and materials. Every material has actually its own treatment needs. The tag will tell you what products your lid contains, i beg your pardon will assist you choose the appropriate shrinking method. View what yours consists of, climate learn how to shrink these typical hat materials.


Try the washing device method for your baseball cap or other hats through this material. Check the tag and ensure friend can an equipment wash the first, then shot this method to shrink a polyester hat:

Place her hat in a garment bag.Load your washing an equipment with garments in prefer colors and include the hat.Add the appropriate amount the non-bleach to wash detergent.Set her washer to a warmth or hot setting — hot water is much more likely to size down her hat.Try the on as soon as it"s washed. If it"s also snug, wear it as it waiting dries.Put her hat in the dryer if that is still too big.Set the dryer to low or tool heat.Check ~ above the cap every 10 minutes.

This an approach won"t work-related for every hat style, especially if it has actually decorative embellishments girlfriend can"t machine wash. In that case, try hat size tape or handwash the hat in warm water.


If girlfriend don"t mind emotion a little silly in your attempt come shrink a cotton hat, wear the in the shower. Keeping your cap on her head as you expose it to hot water help it to the right the shape and size of your head better. To shrink a noodle hat in the shower, follow these steps:

Set her shower to a comfortably hot temperature.Put on her hat and get in.Try to let just the crown of your hat acquire wet, specifically if it"s a baseball cap.Get out of the shower head after around three to five minutes.Remove the cap, shake off excess water and then placed the hat ago on so that isn"t dripping.Wear the hat as it waiting dries so that conforms to your head size.

For another method to shrink a noodle hat, submerge it in hot water. Gain a big pot and fill it with enough water come immerse her cap without overflowing. Warm the water ~ above the stove and avoid letting it boil or simmer. As soon as it"s warm, include your hat. Usage clean kitchen tongs to submerge the for number of minutes. Eliminate the hat and let that drip dry and also cool down until it"s a for sure temperature come wear. Placed on your hat and also let the air dried to dimension down.


Wool shrinks and felts together with water, heat and also agitation. That"s poor news because that anyone v a wool sweater, yet if you have actually a wool hat that"s as well big, it can be your systems to sizing the down.

Learning exactly how to shrink a wool cap is an easy since you already know just how to dimension down various other styles. Proceed with caution, though. Structure caps exposed to water or warmth are daunting — sometimes difficult — to reshape when they end up being felted. Through that danger in mind, shrink your wool cap with:

The washing machine: set your washer to a warm and delicate cycle. To wash the cap either by itself or with like colors.The sink: Fill her sink with comfortably hot water. Ar the hat in to soak, agitating together it does, and leave it because that a couple of minutes.A pot: use the same setup you"d shot with a cotton hat for a structure cap. Warm the water till it"s warm, no hot, and also soak her wool cap for a few minutes.

To dry your wool hat, put it in the dryer on its own. Collection the temperature come low and check the every 10 minutes. Only machine dry if washing didn"t shrink it to the dimension you need. Otherwise, let her cap air dry.

Many structure hats incorporate dyed materials, which might pose a problem. If you"ve never ever washed your hat before, the dye can run in the water. Prevent washing hats that may bleed into your clothing. If you"re worried around bleeding the dye in your wool hat or destroying your cap, you can constantly take it come a experienced to size it down.

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