You may discover yourself v a great hat wasting the potential in the ago of your closet simply because it is too large for your head.

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Maybe the cap was too big when you obtained it. Possibly your head has acquired smaller due to weight loss. Although, typically, equipment hats can acquire stretched or loosened from continual use together well.

Whatever the reason may be, every hope is no lost!

If you space wondering exactly how to shrink a hat, several different processes can help you.

If all else fails and you don’t want to offer up on your hat, friend can always take it to a professional hat dealer or a skilled hat fitter. They can customize the fit of her hat and shrink the cap by using a steaming process.

However, the price the going to a experienced to obtain a cap tailored is commonly not precious the money or effort unless the cap holds significant value.

Though, there are methods you have the right to see how to make a hat smaller sized at home. So, prior to you decision to fall a lot of cash on obtaining your hat resized, think about following these basic steps to learn exactly how to shrink a hat effectively on your own.


When deciding just how to shrink a fitted hat you must very first determine what sort of cap you room working with. Various methods must be used relying on the material your cap is made from.


Some hats have to be handled an ext cautiously if the product is fragile or shrinks easily. Various other hats, like preshrunk noodle or polyester, are resistant to shrinking. Finding out exactly how to shrink a polyester cap will specifically require an ext intense warmth for a longer duration of time.

8 Proven means to Shrink a Hat

Now, we space listing eight proven techniques for you.

You have the right to follow the advice to shrink her baseball cap, equipment hat, cotton or polyester beret hat.


For the very first method, friend will desire to acquire a spray bottle full of cold water.

Spray the hat until it is dampened however not soaked. Girlfriend don’t desire the colors to bleed.


Using a hairdryer ~ above a high setting, straight the warmth on the hat. Turn the hat to allow heat come reach all sides.


Do not emphasis the heat too much on the brim. This can reason the cap to shed its shape.

Be cautious not to let the towel get also hot.

Once the hat feels dry, you should stop blow-drying. Shot on the hat and repeat this process a couple of more times if needed.

Remember the polyester hats are more resistant to shrinking than cotton hats. Polyester hats may need more treatments 보다 a noodle hat would.


Another technique that deserve to be used is soaking the hat.

This technique works if the hat has actually an elastic band. You can shot soaking the elastic band in warm water because that 10 minutes.

To execute this, fill a sink just enough to submerge the elastic band.

You don’t want to soak the whole hat. Usage the sexy water native the faucet.

#3 THE oven METHOD

For this method, you will need to preheat the oven to 300°F.


Using a greater heat have the right to melt the cap so it is in careful.

While the oven heats up, lay paper towels ~ above a baking sheet. Record towels will avoid the hat from burning and also browning on the bottom.

Place the cap on the tray and also put it in the stove for 5 minutes.


You can shot to shrink your hat in the washing an equipment and/or dryer.

Set the devices on the hottest and also longest cycles possible.


If your hat does not must shrink also much, you can opt for the dryer method alone.

Try this technique immediately after the oven an approach if the cap still stays too loose.


For this method, you must fill a pot or sink through steaming warm water.

Do no make the water boiling hot or girlfriend can ruin the structure of your hat.

Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent to the water and also then add the hat right into the soapy water.


Soak the cap for a minimum the 30 minutes.

Then wash the hat with warmth running water. Play excess water indigenous the hat using a clean towel.

Place the damp cap on her head and wear the hat until it dries completely. This will certainly take a while.

If you desire to speed up the drying process you can use a hairdryer ~ above a high warmth setting. This will further shrink her hat so be mindful not come make her hat too tight.

#6 THE shower head METHOD

For this method, you can shot getting into a hot shower wearing your hat.

Wet the hat in warm water. Perform not use water also hot since you need to be able to wear the hat without burning yourself.


Then continue with your typical shower regime while attract the hat. Proceed to stay the hat until it dries.

Wearing it in the hot sun have the right to speed increase the dry time and also add more heat to the shrinking process.

You can additionally use a hairdryer to rate up this process. Remember the this will include to the shrinkage that the hat.

#7 utilizing HAT dimension REDUCERS

This an approach requires a bit an ext accuracy than others. In stimulate to usage hat size reducers, girlfriend will need to measure the gap in between the hat and your head.

To acquire a turbulent estimate, you have the right to slide your fingers in between the hat and your head.

If you have someone surrounding to aid you, they can use a tape measure up to measure the gap for you.

Using a pair that scissors, trim the hat size reducers to the size you need based on the one of the hat.

Apply the adhesive next to your hat by tucking it under the lining that the hat.


#8 just how TO SHRINK OR shape A BERET

Wearing a beret calls for you to learn how to form it the method you want it.

Unless you are in the military wearing a beret as a component of her uniform there room no rule to exactly how you layout it.


Generally, there is an inner lining that needs to be cut so that the beret will snuggly fit your head. Overabundance material around the hat is walking to it is in a given.

The extra material is normally folded and also arranged toward one side, commonly to the right. If ~ folding and also styling your hat there is still too much product you have the right to use hot water come help.

Using hot water will reason shrinking.

If you have actually fuzz on her hat, you have the right to use this soaking method to kill two birds with one stone.

After her hat will the desired size, i wouldn’t introduce soaking that in hot water every time you want to eliminate fuzz.

Otherwise, the cap will continue to shrink. Instead, you deserve to just usage scissors and cut as if you room cutting hair.

Final Thoughts

Before removing her oversized hat from her wardrobe and dropping it turn off at her nearest neighborhood thrift store, you deserve to follow some or every one of these methods to number out how to do a fitted hat smaller.

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Remember the the mix of wetting and heating often tends to warp your hat specifically over multiple processes.