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While you’re choose up a brush, make sure to get a spray bottle of some kind. The disagreement store has them. Every time girlfriend brush the hair, spray it with a little bit of water (or braid spray) first, climate brush.

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Once you have those tools, you’re ready to solve the hair.

I’ll be utilizing Kaya together my helper in showing you two various ways to solve doll hair. Ns love Kaya, however her hair deserve to be tricky to store maintained. It’s an extremely coarse in the direction of the ends, and extremely at risk to frizz and also tangling in the short moments the it’s no braided.


Let the sit at the very least 12 hours, preferably 24.

The next day, wash out the softener from she hair. Usage a gentle soap or baby shampoo, and rinse well. Don’t gain water in the doll’s eyes or on her wig cap.


If your straightener only has one heat setting, check a tiny section of wet hair an initial before proceeding v the remainder of the wig.

Put a towel under on a countertop. It’ll be getting really wet. Set your doll down face-up. Cover her challenge with a dry towel to keep her eyes dry.

Separate a little section of hair, and brush that out. Start from the end, and also work your means upwards in the direction of the head.


Pull the section of hair very taut.


Keep spritzing the hair and straightening until the section of hair is smooth. This will happen really quickly.

Keep a close eye top top the hair. If it seems to it is in burning, acquire the hair wet again, or turn down the heat if it’s not on the shortest setting. It’s okay if the hair steams; that’s simply the warmth reacting through the cold water.Repeat this ~ above the rest of the hair until the frizziness is gone.

I didn’t do all of Kaya’s hair due to the fact that I need to save the for component 2, therefore here’s Kirsten and also Felicity after having actually their hair straightened with this method.


I’m talking NO much more than five seconds at MOST. Dip it all the way in, then immediately remove it.

Quickly dive it into the ice cream water.


With either method, girlfriend shouldn’t have to use this as a maintenance tool to store your doll’s hair smooth, unless you don’t take treatment of it. Try to save the brushing to a minimum, and also do that only once necessary. And if you use water or braid spray and also a wire brush EVERY time you execute brush it, friend won’t need to do this again.

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I connected my re-wigging tutorial in ~ the height of the post, so if friend don’t prefer the outcomes of this, then take into consideration giving your doll a new wig. You can search eBay or Etsy for“american girl doll wig” or“18 customs doll wig” or“size 11 doll wig” (doll heads are 11 inch around). They deserve to run all over from 10 come 50 dollars, relying on what the seller think they are worth.