DIY lip balm has never to be so easy. This one is just TWO ingredients! and also did I mention it’s all natural too?


A while earlier I make a homemade lip balm with Kool-Aid and also petroleum jelly and several of you asked if there to be a method to make something similar with organic ingredients instead.

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As it transforms out, there is a really simple means to make a organic lip balm / gloss when still only using 2 ingredients. So, I’m sharing the indict today.



It’s really, really basic to make and also the main ingredient is coconut oil. Here’s how to make your own natural lip balm…

Ingredients for natural DIY Lip Balm

coconut oil (a little jar expense me $5 in ~ the grocery store)

Container alternatives for DIY Lip Balm

There are several choices for lip enjoyment containers that are good for DIY beauty, beauty projects prefer this one. My favourite though, is a small screw height pill container indigenous The Container save that only price $1.49! and also if friend buy much more than four, which ns did, friend get an additional discount. For this reason they’re a great price.

BUT they additionally have well priced choices here top top Amazon that room really similar, so if you’re not close to The Container Store locally or don’t desire to stimulate online, here’s a attach to a bunch that Amazon lip pots the are comparable (and affordable too). Over there are even some vivid container choices if you don’t choose the clear ones.

How to Make organic DIY Lip Balm

The instructions room pretty comparable to the critical homemade lip enjoyment I made, with just a few tweaks….


Step 1: include coconut oil to bowl.

Start by adding 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil to a tiny microwave for sure bowl.

Step 2: add natural lipstick to the bowl.

Then include a small amount of organic lipstick to the bowl. I supplied a sample size all natural lipstick I gained from Sephora.


Step 3: Microwave ingredients in 30 second intervals.

Next, microwave the two ingredients ~ above high for 30 second intervals until melted (should take several intervals to totally melt), stirring in in between intervals.

You want it to it is in smooth without any clumps, like the picture below. Photo over is still in procedure of melting.


Step 4: to water melted liquid into tiny containers.

Next, pour lip enjoyment into screw peak pots, allow them cool down and also harden again (for at least two hours).


Giving DIY Lip enjoyment as a Gift

I love the idea of producing a lip balm palette too, together a gift. Wouldn’t the be cute?

If you desire to do your very own lip balm palette, you just need a plastic or glass container that has multiple compartments choose mine, rather of the pill containers.

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I to buy the palette I offered a long time back and cannot for the life the me remember where I acquired it, but it’s a jewel organizer similar to this one I uncovered on Amazon. Hope that helps.