I have the right to see the she has an ENB/texture load or whatever, but is it feasible to do my video game run that smooth? I deserve to run Battlefield 4 ~ above ultra settings yet my mabinogi lags extremely bad and also I usually need to minimize various other characters and also utilize CTRL+N. I really want to start playing again, together I simply cleared G20 today and also am looking forward to doing part girg raids, yet my pc acts favor it's going to crash whenever i enter. Thanks in advance guys.

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Yeah, my video game doesn't also look half as good and every rotate I would get structure drops.

Would love come know just how to achieve this :|

Kyzak's summoning succeeded!

Anyways, an easy advice come start because Mabinogi is an old game.

Shut down whatever that's not Mabinogi. Ns don't treatment if it's simply your browser, modern browsers use the GPU by default too. Mabi doesn't prefer sharing.

Play fullscreen. That example recording was 1080p so uneven the user to be on a 4K display screen or other they were fullscreen. Mabi is actually the form of old-ass video game that gets a advantage from to exclude, fullscreen.

Make sure you have actually the latest display screen drivers, actually examine on the website of the company that made her chipset (AMD/Nvidia). Don't count on the home windows driver search (that just gets mainline WHQL/signed things) and don't rely on third-party program (the website the the agency that make the hardware in her card knows more).

As much as Mabi-specific advice...

Lower the render/view street in Mabi. The slider is actually for one amount in between the min and also max for a zone (and it differs by zone), therefore halfway ~ above the slider in Iria is various than halfway on the slider in Dunbarton, for example.

As much as modding...

Default text rendering is slow-moving as hell (as lots of civilization will tell you), bitmap font calculation is a notable speed increase, in ~ the expense of readability (especially because that recordings). You'll desire Abyss for this, it have the right to do bitmap font rendering as well as numerous various other things. Note that this is not the very same thing together a data folder font swap because that a "bitmap" font. That still provides the standard, slower font rendering. You require a code patch favor Abyss to do the video game fall back to the bitmap font rendering method.

For recordings, recording technique matters together well, and also there's multiple varieties of programs with various capabilities.

If you're simply interested in quickly recording for upload/display (and the video clip will no be going through something favor Vegas before hitting the net), you can use Shadowplay from Nvidia, or the game DVR built into windows 10. This both produce smooth recordings and work likewise (H264), despite Shadowplay only works effectively in fullscreen and the home windows 10 DVR seems to only occupational properly windowed for Mabi. These also produce smaller sized recordings as well since they're currently encoded right into a lossy format.

If you absolutely require the highest-quality life recordings, use FRAPS. This is, nowadays, slow than newer recording softwares that usage GPU acceleration (Shadowplay/DVR/etc.), however it produces an excellent video top quality (at the price of Xbox-huge filesizes). You'd use this if you want to research the record frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel because that things, and also the raw recordings are good for taking right into other program (like a nonlinear video clip editor i beg your pardon would need to encode in ~ the end, or GifCam because that making gifs or something).

If neither of the over are an alternative (AMD map on non-Win10 and want to be free), open up Broadcaster software program needs much more setup (especially where top quality is concerned), but can develop nice-quality videos the are already compressed and ready because that upload.

Here's a quick example video clip made through the above advice, using Shadowplay, to show consistent 60FPS.

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If you're ~ above Intel incorporated graphics, just kinda' dry in a fetal position and cry.