Make Homemade Tortilla Chips similar to you get in the restaurant! as soon as you do these, you’ll never buy tortilla chips in an air puffed bag again.

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They’re basic to make and will accomplish your snack cravings paired v some salsa, hummus, or dip.

This Homemade Tortilla Chips Recipe will certainly make friend think, why to buy a bag indigenous the store once you deserve to make your own hot and also crispy ones every in the lull of your own home!?

So friend made soft tacos… or some other form of mexican food. If you space anything like us, we constantly end up end purchasing tortillas. They don’t freeze well, so instead of wasting them, i make Homemade Tortilla Chips.

Make certain you pen Homemade Tortilla Chips!

Do not let them go to waste, fry them up because that fresh corn tortilla chips. You will never ever eat bagged again. The taste the warm, new tortilla chips with simply the best amount of salt is intoxicating.

Just prefer it when they come at her table in ~ the mexican restaurant. Oh happy day.

I am gaining giddy just thinking about it. There is nothing better than going out to her favorite mexican joint and receiving a heat basket of chips v homemade salsa, is there? Nope.

PRO TIP: for salting homemade tortilla chips, use a well sea salt, but not one iodized table salt, which deserve to sometimes taste metallic.

Just therefore you have the right to have the entirety experience, girlfriend can likewise make mine 3-minute restaurant layout salsa! Yes, I stated THREE MINUTES! Wowzers!

While we are talking around chips and also salad, permit me tell friend a small story. We live in Baltimore City in one area highly populated v Latin individuals, plenty of from Mexico.

Lucky for us, that also method we have some fabulous mexican food accessible within walking distance to our house. Happy for my stomach, no so lot for mine waistline. Ha!

One night we wanted to shot a brand-new joint. Us went with one of our very close (Mexican) friends. And to all of our surprise, there were no chips and salsa to it is in had. I’m not certain what i look forward to the most, chips and also salsa or the really meal!

We were so disappointed. The server alerted the owner, that graced ours table with his presence and also lectured us about being authentic and NOT offer chips and also salsa in Mexico. Our Mexican girlfriend politely disagreed.

We ate the so-so food and also vowed no to return.

A couple of months later on hubby and I were on holidays in Mexico and also you recognize what us had? Lots and also lots that chips and also salsa! so I documented the chips and also salsa in Mexico.

PRO TIP: You have the right to use a large frying pan or skillet, even cast iron, or a Dutch oven to fried food your tortilla chips.

I’m no the type of human being to go present this proof to the owner, yet I feel much better knowing I have actually it and the totality thing has become an continuous inside joke.

And climate the ar closed and also they constructed houses top top it. Presumably because they had actually no chips and also salsa.

Now you can recreate this magical moment in the lull of her own home over and also over and over again. The is a wonder I’m no frying up homemade tortilla chips every night. However seriously, you’ll love them.

PRO TIP: Salt your tortilla chips 1-2 minute after removing indigenous oil. Salting as well soon can over salt, but salting as well late will result in none of the salt sticking.

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The best part is you can use however many tortillas you have! Only have a few leftover? Just reduced them increase a tiny smaller and make a mini-batch.

I love offer mine v my famous Cowboy Caviar!

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