Believe it or not, according to “Ask the People”, a large number of variations of searches for vampire teeth happen all across the world, each and every single day. So if you think you’re alone on this, think again my friend. You have common elements of concerns, as do others on all corners of the world. However, are vampire teeth rare? It depends on what your threshold for “rare” is.

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Recently we did a search via “Google Keyword Planner”. We focused our search on the following explained keywords below, to increase our outreach to patients with concerns over vampire teeth and canine teeth.

Are they real? Yes, of course vampire teeth are real, but not in the Dracula or Transylvania way some would think. And yes, compared to the nation’s population, it is reasonable to consider this a rare occurrence.

For example: In the image below, we collected 28 keywords related to:

Vampire TeethCanine TeethHow to fix vampire teeth

As you can see from the keyword search result, while it varies, there is a consistency of less than 10,000 across the United States for these 28 specific key terms. While this search produced less than 10K, it is an example to show the level of interest, although there are other keywords, we could have added to show a broader variation of the subject term.

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What are Canine Teeth?

Canines, also known as cuspids, are the single teeth on the right and left sides of both the upper and lower jaws. They are situated between the incisors and the premolars and erupt around ages 11 to 13. Compared to the other three types of teeth, canines are more pointed to serve their core function of holding and tearing food. This explains why they have long roots.

Some people may have extra pointy and sharp canine teeth which tend to significantly protrude beyond the length of other teeth. These are described as vampire teeth. What if people frowned every time you laughed or smile? It might be an indication that something about your teeth is not ordinary. If the overall health of your teeth is good, then you may have vampire teeth. This would be fairly easy to tell just by looking in the mirror and taking a quick visit to your dentist for a consultation.

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Reshaping or Bonding Pointy Canines

If you are not comfortable with your extra-pointy canines, consider fixing them to better fit in the structure of the rest of the teeth. This is done through two complementary procedures: reshaping and bonding.

Reshaping, also known as recontouring, involves the use of a sanding instrument to file down the excess enamel from your vampire canines. By performing this procedure, the cosmetic dentist gives your cuspids a new appearance, making them fit better among your other teeth.

Recontouring may be coupled with bonding to give your canines an appealing new look. Here, your dentist uses resin that has the same color as your teeth to reshape your canines. Bonding gives your recontoured tooth an extra coating to fill in any gaps or correct issue not fixed by the reshaping procedure. The new shape replaces the old extra-pointy look.

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Is reshaping painful?

No, reshaping is not painful. Although you will feel the tool during the reshaping process, you will not have to worry about a painful procedure. The procedure itself is also a simple same day dental process that your dentist can complete within the same day visit.