My character is a mercenary and devout follower of Stendarr who's joined the companions. Is over there a way i deserve to avoid becoming a werewolf if still becoming a member the the circle?

(I've uncovered a mod that permits me to opt the end of coming to be a werewolf)


It's feasible to avoid becoming a Werewolf by turning down the invite to sign up with the Circle. TBH a devout follower of Stendarr would most likely start death bitches once they uncovered out they were worshipping Hircine, then kind an alliance through the silver Hand.

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I've been weighting the pros and cons of it, my character is a calculating mercenary prior to anything rather even prior to his religious beliefs beliefs. Ns may just kill alela as she's the only one who wants to stay a werewolf

Um, guys, v Ultimate SKyrim they had the amplified Skyrim Factions: The Companions Guild mod, which allows you to have really role play (if unvoiced) extra conversation to aid the companions yes, really feel like the honorable, "go your own path" guild the lore suggests they are. It has denying the wolf blood and still coming to be a member that the circle. It is awesome, and been in us for a while, for this reason this is in reality a non-issue!

I am likewise doing a follower of stendar playthrough. And when I went to the underforge you can decrease the invitation to obtain their "blessing". And also so far I have ongoing the search line normally

Hmm didn’t recognize this. Have avoided the Companions due to the fact that I’m a vampire and don’t desire to offer that up.

So the best way to carry out this is to expropriate the gift then continue the questline (which, if you don't know, at some point gives you the opportunity to remove the gift). Rationalise it as your personality believing the he was solid enough to stand up to the taint that lycanthropy, or something.

Then once you've completed the questline, you have the right to role-play the you are going come do every little thing in your power to root lycanthropy out of the Companions.

That's the only way you're gonna be able to complete the Companions questline while still keeping your character intact. If you're no willing to at the very least temporarily accept the Companions' gift, then the questline is over.

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Also characters like Aela are vital by default so any kind of in-character murdering spree is no going to happen unless you mode that use out. If you to be able to remove their necessary flags, climate that would be one option, but of course you'd have actually to complete the Companions questline first if you room interested in it.